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YSU released its first depth chart. I'll write more on this in Tuesday's paper (where we'll have the complete list), but I wanted to share a half-dozen thoughts.

1. The first team offense looks like this: RT D.J. Main, RG Chris Elkins, C Mark Pratt, LG Lamar Mady, LT Andrew Radakovich, TE David Rogers, WR Christian Bryan, WR Andre Barboza, WR Jelani Berassa, QB Kurt Hess, TB Jamaine Cook.

2. The first team defense looks like this: RCB Devont'a Davis, FS Josh Garner, SS Jeremy Edwards, LCB Donald D'Alesio, Sam LB Davion Rogers, Mike LB John Sasson, Will LB Travis Williams, DE Daniel Stewart, DT Andrew Johnson, NT Andre Stanton, DE Obinna Ekweremuba.

3. This is by no means a perfect science, but if you compare this depth chart to the one released just before Penn State last year, you'll see A LOT of new names. Only two starters return on defense (Andrew Johnson and John Sasson) and only four on offense (Main, Radakovich, Hess and Cook). By the end of the year, Elkins, D'Alesio and Ekweremuba were starting, but still. That's a lot of turnover.

4. YSU coach Eric Wolford talks a lot about not being "grandfathered in," how you have to work to earn your job -- and keep your job. Not only did a couple players lose their starting job, a handful fell to the third team: WR Juilian Harrell, RB Adaris Bellamy and LB Deonta Tate. Harrell started five games last year, Tate started eight and Bellamy started one when Cook was banged up. (Bellamy is now tied with Torrian Pace for the third-team spot.)

5. As expected, Marc Kanetsky is still the backup QB with Patrick Angle third.

6. Surprisingly, Demond Hymes is not on the depth chart, which leads me to believe they'd like to redshirt him. The coaches really like him and I'm guessing they don't want to waste a year of his eligibility on being a third-string back.

Two other notes to pass on this afternoon: Senior safety Scott Sentner is being moved to linebacker and guard Lamar Mady is cleared to resume practice after suffering a concussion a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: Sentner was back practicing at safety in Monday's evening practice.

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