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Post-fight thoughts.

By Joe Scalzo (Contact)

Published April 18, 2010

Untitled document

Five thoughts on Saturday's Kelly Pavlik fight, which ended in a unanimous decision loss to Sergio Martinez.
1. I haven't seen Kelly Pavlik look really good since June of 2008, when he beat Gary Lockett. Granted, Lockett wasn't a tough opponent but Pavlik was really sharp that night and it looked like he had a really, really bright career ahead of him.
Then he lost to Bernard Hopkins, looked so-so against Marco Antonio Rubio, battled a staph infection and looked rusty against Miguel Espino.
It all came to a head Saturday, when he looked slow against the athletic Martinez. But, in his defense, Martinez is a pretty darn good fighter.
2. I thought Martinez fought a perfect fight.
He danced out of trouble, he threw more punches, he exploited Pavlik's weaknesses and he closed really strong. Pavlik was leading after eight rounds, then Martinez took over the fight.
Martinez was much more willing to slug it out with Paul Williams in December and he wisely avoided that approach Saturday.
Afterward, Martinez said those two fighters were the best he's faced and said Pavlik has the best power of any of his opponents.
3. Although he has a rematch clause in his contract, it's hard to say whether Pavlik will take a rematch against Martinez.
My gut feeling is he will, since it's the best money fight out there for him and I'm sure he'd like to regain the titles. But I think he's better off cutting his losses and moving up to super middleweight, which is where his future lies anyway.
The Martinez camp would prefer to fight Antonio Margarito at 154 pounds, in which case they'd have to vacate the middleweight belts. But in listening to their comments at the post-fight press conference, they didn't seem to mind the idea of fighting Pavlik again. I think Martinez was grateful for the opportunity and believes Pavlik deserves the rematch if he wants it.
4. Covering Pavlik over the last three years has been among the highlights of my career.
He's just a good guy who has represented the city well. At 28, he has plenty of time to rebuild his career but it's going to take some time. His next fight could be the biggest of his career because a loss would be really, really costly.
One of the things we Youngstown reporters were wondering after Saturday's bout was whether we'd travel to cover Pavlik's next fight. At this point, my guess is no. And considering just 6,000 fans attended Saturday's bout -- about 4,000 less than the first Jermain Taylor fight -- it's not too soon to wonder what the loss will do to his following, at least for the time being.
5. One thing I forgot to mention in my fight story was Pavlik's trunks, which had the names of his two children on the back: Sydney and Kelly Jr.
I thought that was pretty cool.


1CCmom(31 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Just some random thoughts on your thoughts:

1. Do you think the economy had anything to do with the attendance? Sure is hard for fans from an area where the unemployment rate is over 10% to travel to Atlantic city.

2. Covering Kelly has been a highlight for you but you won't be going to his next fight???? Sounds like you're writing Kelly off...."Fairweather Fan"

3. You say Martinez fought a perfect fight but Kelly was leading after eight rounds. How could that have been the perfect fight for Martinez?

Yes, I'm disappointed that Kelly lost, don't count him or his fans out.

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2Ctown(115 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Unemployment has been over 10% in the Valley for over two decades therefore unemployment was not a factor in the smaller attendance.The reporter is correct in his statement. Kelly is not as popular as he was when he fought for the title. Kelly is a good, not great fighter in a weak weight class. If he moves up to 168 he will be fighting the likes of Bute, Abraham, Ward, and Dirrell. If you thought he bled yesterday, that will be nothing compared to what will happen at 168 where the weight class is strong.

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3msweetwood(179 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Some thoughts on CCmom's thoughts:

• By the definition of his job, Joe is not a "fan," fair weather or otherwise. He also doesn't get to decide his travel assignments. Editors measure fan interest by numbers of those attending, traffic to our Web site, newspaper sales, etc. It's just too early to say what we'll do next. It's fair to say interest is down a bit from the days that our Web site literally was shut down by fan interest – local fans and those from outside the area – during fights in the recent past.

• Martinez fought a "perfect fight" because he weathered the best Pavlik had and put himself in a position to win. Going into the ninth round, Martinez, by most score cards, was down just a point or two with four rounds to go despite having been knocked down.

• Ctown beat me to the punch on the economy point.

• I am confident no one is counting Kelly or his fans out.

Mark Sweetwood
Managing Editor

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4mpmirish(1 comment)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Anyone could say what Kelly should have done when the fight was over. Was he not in good condition? Was he too weak after losing all that weight? Should he be fighting at 168 lbs ? Only he and his trainer know what he has to do to become a champion again. Remember, people of Youngstown, it's easy to be a winner and hard to be a loser. After watching Kelly's post fight interview, in my mind he is still a champion and Youngstown should still be proud of him.

Billy Tanner

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5pavlikfan(16 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Just some post-fight thoughts here.

No brainer - I'm a Pavlik fan as the username suggests. And I did not come to AC. It is cheaper to get HBO for one month than it is to buy a ticket for admission to the hall in AC. I'm struggling like everyone else.

So, why did so many people choose not to come to AC for the fight? There's your answer. Why drive out there, get a room, pay for meals, and admission to the fight when I can see it from a better vantage point on my couch - with friends.

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6darryl1914(5 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Pavlik is a coward who fears Paul Williams.

Even when he isn't fighting Paul Williams, his fear causes him to be constantly fretting that Williams will destroy him.

Well now Pavlik has destroyed himself, he is finished.


From Omar Henry, James Kirkland, Erislandy Lara, Danny Jacobs, Fernando Guererro, Paul Williams, Kermit Cintron, Matt Korobov, Kessler, Froch, Bute, Ward, Dirrell and more.

So if Pavlik stays at 160lbs or not...there are no more Gary Locketts, Miguel Espinos and Marco Antonio Rubios to Pad his record. Pavlik is DONE!!!

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7BillyBob(92 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

Wow- darryl1914 is obviously either obsessed or really jealous of Pavlik. He only made 5 comments on Vindy so far and they are all written about how 'terrible' Pavlik is.... and he's talking crap about Pavlik like a child would.

Grown men should not write like that - no matter what has apparently happended in the past between you and Pavlik. Your 5 Vindy comments look like something I would have wrote in my early teenage years

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8CoachRuffEnoughSmith(5 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

From the desk of Coach RuffEnoughSmith, I'm located in Southern Ohio and I have attempted to contact Kelly to no advail. I am the Activities Director of Ohio's Police Athletic League. I also have coach various sports for over 30 years. Boxing is my passion and to the untrained eye it is a very hard sport to coach.

I have read posts that Kelly needs to change or adapt his style. I must say this, A trainer should NEVER change a boxers style but do all in his power to make the boxer's style, whatever it may be.., the best he can for the boxer. Instead, what Pavlik's trainer should of worked on was how Kelly should approach (learn) and how to deal with other styles.

Far to often in this sport trainers believe they know all there is to know about boxing and refuse to try and get better. Somehow they seem to forget that that boxing is often referred to as the SWEET SCIENCE. Well not me, that's why I believe that I am among the best coaches, if not the best coach in our great State of Ohio. Now I know Jack will be upset and claim me as a hot head and cuss me up n down. I'm not calling for Jack's release from Pavlik's camp. I know there's a special bond between them and Jack has given his all to Kelly I'm sure. If I were Jack I would bring in a technique coach to help prepare Kelly. I am offering my services in that regard. I will without drought prove that the science of training one to fight is very powerful. Kelly Pavlik will then prove how he can come back and defeat Martinez. So I will give the readers of this blog a few secrets on what needs to be worked on when training to fight a guy like Martinez. First we all know that Martinez's style is that of a runner! We also know that Martinez is a Southpaw! Now let talk science.

"The Runner will be a boxer who likes to use his Jab as a dominant punch
(watch the fight,it caused Pavlik all kinds of problems the entire fight).

The runner will follow up his jab with a lot of straight power punches.

He will move to his Left 95% of the time, unless he is a SOUTHPAW in which case he will move to his RIGHT(again watch the fight).

The runner will rely on his quickest to avoid getting hit. He will do (avoid punches) so by moving in fast and then move out of range just as fast.

The Runner will fade (move to his left, RIGHT if a S.Paw) a lot as he moves out of range after punching (As seen many times throughout the fight)

The Runner will look to tie up his opponent when trapped up against the ropes or when in the corners.

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9CoachRuffEnoughSmith(5 comments)posted 6 years, 2 months ago

What Kelly needed to do was he needed be able to do make the Runner move to his Right (LEFT if S. Paw)

Kelly should of worked on bumping left. He needed to know how bump to his Lt. with and without use of his rhythms. Kelly also needed to learn what I like to refer to as the bogeying (a type of movement which deals with runners (see Smokin Joe fight clips)

When bogeying Kelly should have be schooled and have the ability to punch off of the 2nd and 3rd steps when bogeying. Please do not punch at the runner on the 1st step.

Martinez being a Southpaw SHOULD OF TOLD JACK that Kelly needed to keep his right (Lead Lt. hand up and out if facing a SOUTHPAW) hand up and higher than normal at all times and my GOODNESS Kelly needs to learn and use many more techniques like how to use Feints, Draws, Tells, and Counter Punching. All your great Champions were also great counter punchers.

He could of worked his Lt. Hook off of Martinez's head to death as well as pounded Martinez with Straight Power shots. Lag Hand punches as counters to Southpaw Jabs off of Bump moves to the Left would of been there for the easy taking by Pavlik.

By using Feints on the Runner with your head and shoulders would of enabled Pavlik to use a series of easy angle steps off of his BUMP moves This also opens the doors to hit the runner with lag punches to the BODY of the Southpaw thus slowing the runner down and enabling you to follow up with combinations as the Runner must turn and find you.

Jack did say one thing that Kelly needed to do and that was to throw more punches to Martinez's body. Jack should of been more specific by telling Kelly to throw many, many more (straight power shots) to the Martinez's chest. This will get the Runner moving to his right (LEFT. if S. Paw).

Then of course Kelly needed to slip jabs with his inside shoulder since Martinez is a Southpaw and counter with LAG RIGHT HANDS, OVERHAND POWERS, STRAIGHT POWERS and LEFT HOOKS

This of course sets Kelly up to BOBBED and WEAVED or to BUMP& PULL back into the chest of Martinez where Kelly could of unleashed LEFT UPPERCUTS AND POWER SHOTS to the body in combinations! (like a mutherfu**er).

I have no choice but to say the Pavlik was poorly prepared for this fight. His trainer should of sought advice and got opinions from true students of the game. I am a student of coaching the Sweet Science and I hope I get the chance to work with Kelly's crew and him.

I am Coach RuffEnoughSmith

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10kpismymotivator(3 comments)posted 5 years, 9 months ago

Not go to cover the next Pavlik fight? Shame on you. Send me-I'll gladly go. I will round up a tour bus and fill it up and get group rates,etc. etc. Just let me know where and when. Some advance notice would be nice. And set up payment plan so economy no excuse. It does seem that his fights are bad timing though when everyone is broke. Me,them, and everyone. Watched it at a bar locally and the support for Kelly was still there-so not having support? No backing? Where are you looking? Not everyone can afford that high price of tickets unless you are a businessman or wealthy/own a company, etc. The cost of tickets are ridiculous for the average person. Drive there? No problem. Most people can't afford the good seats and would rather get a better view on TV and have a party since don't have a grand just laying around to blow. Don't mean we don't support him. Doesn't mean we won't go. Just need a travel bus, and group tickets,etc. but advance notice to be able to save some money or get time off from work would be nice too. The local station should be there doing coverage on him for days before the fight and show what his routine is. Doesn't mean you have to show it right away but getting that footage would be great and something the fans would be interested in. Send me and a cameraman next time if you don't want to go.

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