Rounds 10-12


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by Joe Scalzo (Contact)   | 84 entries"> Untitled document

Martinez has really taken control of the fight in the 10th round. Both of Pavlik's eyes are bloody and his hands look like they're cased in cement. Martinez's quick hands are really handcuffing the champion. Round to Martinez.


Both cuts are bad and they're wondering whether he can continue. He does.

Martinez wasn't quite as dominant in the 11th but he's still controlling the fight, throwing considerably more punches. Pavlik spent the second half of the 11th backing up, which you never see. Martinez gets the round, hurting Pavlik toward the end of the round for the first time in the fight.


The rounds might be even at this point but there's no question who's the better fighter.

I think Martinez won the 12th and the fight but we'll see what the judges say.

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