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Kelly Pavlik's trainer said his fighter would spend the first three rounds feeling out Sergio Martinez and that's definitely been the case. Martinez has controlled the fight with his speed and counter-punching ability and landed several nice left hands to Pavlik's face. Pavlik has a cut on the corner of his left eye.


Martinez out-landed Pavlik 34-17 through two rounds and Pavlik only threw 31 pounches a round, well below his usual pace.


Pavlik is swinging and missing a lot. The Pavlik camp is hoping Martinez will wear down by the middle rounds. Pavlik needs to get his footwork fixed because right now, he's spending too much time chasing him with his upper body.


Pavlik finally started to land a few punches in the third round. We'll see if he can start finding Martinez more often. If he can hit him flush, he has a huge power advantage. I'd give Martinez the first two rounds and I'll give Pavlik the third.

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