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And I do mean ringside. I’m about eight feet away from the ring. I’d have to work for HBO or become a photographer if I wanted to get any closer. If I get any of Pavlik’s blood on my shirt, I’ll auction it off on eBay. All proceeds will go to the “DVDs for Scalzo” fund.

That reminds me of a good Drew Carey story. He took up photography as a hobby because photographers got better seats than celebrities. As a photographer, you can get right on the ring apron.

The MGM Grand Garden Arena seats about 18,000. It’s very wide open on the inside and there are no luxury boxes. Right now, there’s about 200 people in the stands. It’s funny to think that Pavlik used to fight in these bouts. Now his picture is everywhere around the MGM Grand.

I went to a Top Rank media dinner last night and the topic turned to boxing movies. Specifically, the best boxing movies.
ESPN’s boxing writer Dan Rafael picked “Rocky 3,” which I thought was odd. Generally, Rocky fans usually fall into two camps. One group loves Rocky I and often thinks Rocky IV absolutely disgraced the franchise. Another group loves Rocky IV, mainly because of the sweet training montage. Both sides usually agree Rocky V was terrible.

(Side note: YSU football coach Jon Heacock took his future wife to Pizza Hut and Rocky IV on their first date. Having met Heacock a few times, this makes perfect sense.)

Before last night, I’d never heard of anyone picking Rocky 3, although the “Eye of the Tiger” montage is pretty good.

Boxing movies are generally pretty good. I haven’t seen enough of them to make a definitive list of the best ones, but my top three would go like this: 1. Million Dollar Baby, 2. Raging Bull, 3. Rocky I. I’d also like to praise the little-known Cuba Gooding Jr. movie, “Gladiator,” which came out in the early 1990s. I’d also like to say that I thought “Cinderella Man” was overrated.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll have updates throughout the night, many of them as uninformative as this one.

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