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Toga! Toga! Toga!

Can't you just hear Marc Dann and his croneys at the frat party? Granted, it seems the order of the day was pajamas rather than togas but, then, it is 2008 after all. The frat boys are a little long in the tooth in this remake, too. Hard to imaging Mr. Gutierrez seducing anyone not well under the influence of something or other. Must have been a pretty lean day at central casting. But we've got to run with the screenplay we're given, and what we're given is a group of staggeringly stupid middle-aged men, one of whom is paid to be the legal and ethical conscience of the State of Ohio, partying in a posh condo with their female employees, after hours and after plying them with alcohol.

Now comes the clincher. The Attorney General fires the offending employees, fires another one for not adequately supervising the offending employees, admits he was having an extramarital affair with PJ girl, apologizes and claims that his anguish over doing his job so badly and cheating on his wife is punishment enough. And, no, he shouldn't have to resign over one silly little lapse of judgement.

I've got news for you, Mr. Attorney General, you didn't have a LAPSE of judgement, you have a LACK of judgement. That's forgivable in a rock star, quarterback, hollywood heart-throb, NASCAR driver, point guard and, yes, even in a frat boy. It is decidedly not forgivable when you hold a job which has as its principal qualification.... judgement. I wouldn't forgive my own attorney for being so stupid as to get caught up in a scandal such as this. Why on earth should Ohio forgive you?

I'd suggest that you leave while you still have your dignity but, alas, that ship has sailed. Now you should think about leaving while you still have a license to practice law. Maybe National Lampoon is looking for a technical advisor for a movie about a laughing stock lawyer who somehow manages to get elected to public office.

I know this was a little harsh. I take it all back. Oh, yeah, and I apologize, too.



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