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mahoning county children services has temporary custody of my child,angel marie miller 12.they gave weekend visitation to  a relative who has a history of severe mental health and drug problems,in lieu this relatives motion for custody .my child sees her grown children who have been in prison before and have just been indicted again for burglary armed, theft b and e etc.meanwhile this child is in the immediate vicinty of ex cons and current felons.i thought mahoning county children services was supposed to protect endangered children?yet when i spoke to a superviser did not seem that concerned or find it necessary to revoke said visitation pending an fear is that my child is around individuals who are ex cons,posessing weapons,some stolen under disability.not to mention stolen goods and adults who cannot seem to follow the law. these are the role models available for my child.would you want excons and felons giving your child life long examples of right and wrong and moral values?

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