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Thursday I chose to drive to PA to see Sarah Palin speak.  I figured I would like to hear direct from the horse's mouth (not that I'm calling her a horse) why I should vote for McCain/Palin.  It was a long drive, a long walk and a cold night waiting for her to step out and "WOW" me. 

When Palin stepped out I was impressed with how she carried herself.  She looked people in the eyes, she took time to shake hands and wave.  I was excited, this being my first rally in person, but that quickly changed to being rather disappointed.  Myself, not being one for politics as they bore me, didn't really hear anything new.  I don't know if I really expected to, but I could have sat home warm with a cup of hot tea and heard the same thing in past speaches with my DVR.  Aside from way over using "Joe the Plumber" and "Tito the Builder" situations to rile the crowd, I heard nothing about what the McCain/Palin team would do for me.  

I could see myself hanging out with Palin, she seems to be an awesome person but I'm not sure how ready she is to assist in running our country.  She seemed more a cheerleader for McCain then his running mate.  I don't want to see a rah rah girl.  I want to see an empowered, intellectual person standing beside our President ready to step in if needed.  

I still haven't decided if seeing her speak in person has really changed my views on either party yet.  That will come in it's time.

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