What is “The Undecideds?”


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by Greg Mook, Brandi Williams, Larry Tropepe, William Sutherin, Mary lou Hoon, Todd Franko   | 3 entries


What is “The Undecideds?”

This is a special presidential election.

What the Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004 presidential elections have shown is that the election will not be decided by the masses.

It will be decided by the few — namely the independents and the undecideds.

The Vindicator is working with five undecided Valley voters: Brandi Williams, Mary Lou Hoon, Larry Tropepe, Bill Sutherin and Greg Mook.

Each week in October, we will turn to these five people in the hope that they’ll allow readers inside their heads and hearts as they make their way to the historic November election.

What commercials stood out to them?

Was there a speech that had them concerned?

What kind of mailings did they get?

Week by week, we will measure with them the influence of these and other campaign events and see how their opinions are being shaped.

That’s what The Undecideds is about.

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