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(In response to last week’s column)
A good friend asked me, ”Is a wet seat better than no seat?” I assumed this was a rhetorical question since I’d choose neither of those options. The fact of the matter is the toilet seat should never be lifted. Your manhood isn’t determined by whether you sit or stand to do your business, so have a seat gentlemen!
Just saying…

You want what you can’t have
Human nature is to want for more. If we didn’t want more, there would be no ambition or drive. Sometimes we don’t want more for ourselves, but for our loved ones, so we work harder for them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not happy with what we have; it’s just that we want more.
The thing that always puzzles me is how we want what we can’t have, or we don’t want it until we know we can’t have it. For example, my husband and I were looking at apartments years ago. I liked one that we saw, but not enough. It was missing a lot of the features that I was adamant about having. The next day it was rented to another couple. When Mike told me, I got so upset and said, “No it can’t be, it was the perfect apartment for us!” He tilted his head a little, looked confused and said, “Huh?”
I feel the same way when I’m shopping. If I want something and it’s sold out I want it even more. There could be 1,000 of something very similar to it there, but that’s not good enough, I want the one that I can’t have. My thoughts are that if everyone else bought that one it must be better. I find it to be very silly and childish, but it’s the way I feel.
The worst is when we have this attitude with love. Why is it that people have to play this “hard to get” love game. If someone loves you too much, you don’t like it and if they are the slightest bit unattainable it’s a huge turn on? I have one friend who was so love sick over a girl for a year, when she finally showed interest, he wasn’t interested in her anymore.
Is this insane way of thinking curable or is this just human nature?
Just asking…

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