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(In response to last week’s column)
I anticipated more comments on last week’s column about bullying and the reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance in schools, but got very few. I did, however, get several negative comments in regards to another column that I wrote weeks ago. They proceeded to call me names and bash the Vindicator for hiring me. To clear some things up, I mean to offend no one, and my columns are to mainly make people think and laugh a little. I am the first person to admit that I’m not an expert on advice and that’s why I ask you, the readers, for your input, hence the title, “Just Asking.”
Just saying…
Computer to computer
Making new friends or meeting a potential new love can be difficult as we get older. We tend to get set in our ways and get to be a little pickier in our choices. This could be a good thing, or a really, really bad thing. If you’re choosy as to who you spend your time with, it makes less of a chance you that you’ll waste your time and efforts on a relationship that is doomed from the beginning. On the flip side, you may end up playing both sides of the chess board for a long time.
When we look for another love interest, the attraction usually starts out with the appearance. Do you find them attractive or do they dress nicely enough? This probably is the least important aspect in finding a compatible partner. It doesn’t matter much if someone is dressed appropriately if their personality is nothing like you expected.
Lately, a lot of my friends are turning to online dating as a way to meet people. I know it sounds scary due to the whole “he might be a mass murderer” thing, but I’m thinking this might be the way to go. You get to meet someone for who they are. You learn their sense of humor, what their interests are, and their level of respect.
I don’t think it matters what the guy is wearing, if he’s being a demeaning jerk. I find a man who grabs the first thing off his dresser to be the most intriguing or a woman who does the same to be admirable. It says they’re not caught up in appearances and are confident in who they are.
So, aside from the whole murderer thing, what is really wrong with meeting someone computer to computer first?
Just asking…

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