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(In response to last week’s column)
I got a response that said it perfectly: “Regardless of a volunteer’s ability to help an organization, we greatly appreciate any sacrifice an individual makes to help us carry out the mission. A dollar at the checkout is helpful to someone, somewhere; but knowing you are making a difference in the community you live and grew up in is the most fulfilling contribution you can make. I challenge you to find a cause or nonprofit organization that inspires you and try to spend some time there, whether it is one time a month, or one time a year; you can make a difference if you make volunteering a priority!” Well put.
Just saying…
Who Knows?
Who do we believe? There are so many lotions, potions and snake oils out there that no one is sure which ones really work. I just asked my daughter to buy me the lotion that Jennifer Aniston uses for Mother’s Day. I didn’t know anything about it and wasn’t even sure of the name, but if Jen’s using it, then so am I. The fact of the matter is that good ol’ Jen probably doesn’t even use Aveeno. I’m such a sucker.
And we all have lists of remedies that friends and family have passed along over the years, but who has time to try them all? My dad swears that gin soaked raisins help his knees. My knees kill me all the time, so why don’t I try it? The same reason I don’t try the millions of other things that are “sure” to make me healthier, younger, prettier, and smarter - skepticism!
Once I was told by a respected friend that yogurt gets rid of yeast infections, well I won’t even tell you what I thought you were supposed to do with it. If ginkgo biloba really made you smarter wouldn’t everyone taking it be geniuses by now? Does vitamin E really remove stretch marks?
If we used everything we were told to use, and did all that we were told to do to improve ourselves it would take hours to get ready in the morning. There’s a lotion for your face to prevent wrinkles, another to remove age spots, one to moisturize… If I used them all, my make-up would slide right off and I’d look like I was melting! Can someone please tell me who to believe?
Just asking…

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