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(In response to last week’s column)

Most people said my grumpiness last week was “writer’s block.” Those closer to me know better — I have plenty to talk about. Experts say hormones, diet and exercise, dehydration and the list goes on. The fact of the matter is simple — women get grumpy. Sorry, guys.
Just saying ...

It’s a juggling act
Have you ever felt good about yourself until you hear about all the good things someone else is doing? I went to lunch with a high school friend the other day. I was feeling pretty good, telling her about my family, my latest accomplishments and my white picket fence life.
Then, it was her turn. She spoke about her new-found calling — working and helping out at the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown. I was too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t even know what that club was or that Y-town even had one. I’m a good person (so I think) and kind to others, but all of a sudden I felt selfish and un-giving.
How do people juggle everything? This column is 350 words and I’m late getting it to my editor every single week. There’s laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, kids’ activities — and I don’t even have a job outside the home.
I was watching the news this morning and the anchor mentioned that a book she read was better than the movie. She has time to be an anchor and read a book? What am I doing wrong?
The Boys and Girls Club is a place where kids can go to have fun and keeps them “off the streets.” I’m thinking “I can barely keep my own kids off the streets, let alone someone else’s.” I would love to help out there, as I suddenly feel like my adding $1 for charity to my Kmart bill isn’t enough.
They also sponsor a program, “Money Matters,” where they teach children how to balance their check books and manage money. Maybe I could volunteer to help with that, although my husband said I should attend this, not offer to teach it.
Maybe it’s just the fear of the unknown. I have decided to go on a parent/child tour of the Boys and Girls club this week and see how I can help out. Maybe I’ll even learn something .
How do volunteers manage their time?
Just asking ...

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