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(In response to last week’s column)

A dietician told me that it is the contents of a healthy home-cooked meal that makes the difference. Although I lived through the fast-food phase, I can’t really say I’m all that healthy. Maybe there’s more to this that I need to look into. I really do love to see the look on my friend Kristine’s face (she makes everything from scratch), when I pull out the microwavable roast. It’s totally worth it!
Just saying ...

Who’s for dinner?

My husband grew up in Long Island, N.Y., and we lived in Los Angeles for 10 years. It was his decision to move to the little town of Poland to start his financial business and to raise our two children. He had no idea what he was in for!
We both love it here, but the one thing I don’t think he’ll ever get used to is when some of our friends have to leave to feed the pigs, or the turkeys, or the cows. Mike is very personable and extremely witty, but he just can’t “fit in” with his “Johnny Boombots” shoes when the guys are talking about how much their cows weigh (and no, they’re not talking about their wives).
I, on the other hand, have an issue with the wives telling me about “Tom the Turkey” running around in the backyard, and how they’re killing him Thursday morning so he’s nice and fresh for dinner. Or, about all the ways they’re getting “Penny the Pig” chopped so they can get the most meat out of him, when the kids were just feeding him marshmallows and rubbing his belly.
I’m not a vegetarian, but I really have a hard time at dinner saying, “Can someone pass Jerry over here? I want a rare piece of him.”
Is it just me who thinks there should be a line drawn somewhere between what you consider your pet and what will be on your plate?
Am I alone on this one?

Just asking ...

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