Home-cooked meals aren’t what they used to be


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(In response to last week’s column)
OK, I have to say that I too think I was harsh in last week’s column. I could not get my point across today if I wasn’t, and you know that’s how people talk. I personally think that if you put me in a 4-by-4 area with someone talking to me in an earpiece, expecting me to make change and get their food right, they’re more likely to get a side of “crazy” with a little “breakdown” on top. I can barely get breakfast right for my two kids.
An experienced drive-through worker told me that not only do they take the order, but when they run to make a milk shake, another order is coming into their earpiece — and they’re being timed!
Don’t even get me started about the coupons — tell them when you order that you have one. This job is extremely complicated and stressful and the next time your order is wrong, either check it before you leave, or deal with it. Don’t take it out on the responsible person who went to work that day to serve hundreds of people — and who is far from a moron.
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There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal
If I take food out of the package, throw it in the microwave, put it on a platter, and serve it to my family in my very own home, is that considered homemade?
When I got married to my Italian husband whose mom was a fantastic cook, I thought, I had better step up to the plate and learn to make sauce.
Well, here’s how it is — my mom raised nine of us, and I was No. 9. I do remember how hard she worked to cook us awesome dinners — shout out to the tuna fish and noodle casserole — but I also know that when it was just me, we spent a lot of dinner time at restaurants.
Don’t get me wrong, I can cook, and my mashed potatoes are awesome, but so are Bob’s — Bob Evans, that is. So does it really matter if I invested a lot of time in the meal and it was “homemade”  — or should I say made from scratch?
Or, is it more important that I’m happy to have you in my home and spending time with you?
Just Asking ...

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