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(In response to last week’s column)
This is apparently a very stinky issue, one I’m not willing to touch. I understand both sides. One side says it’s rude (true) and the other side says it’s not a law (true). I guess it’s circumstantial, but I’ll just stick with my small cubby!
Just saying…

Move your bumper
When I passed my written driving test at age 16, I was more surprised than anyone. As I’ve said before I’m not a master at retaining information. For example, remembering how many car lengths to stay away from another car was gone the minute I read it. It was a total surprise to me back then when my step-father told me to get out of the fast lane so the other cars can pass. I asked him, “Why, I’m going the speed limit, they can’t go faster than me anyway.” He gave me one of his looks that said, “Don’t ask questions, just do it.” So I moved over and cars flew past me, a lot of them actually.
As a more experienced driver in my 40s I understand it now. I still have a small problem with this whole “fast lane” thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover and a user of the fast lane, but I still have questions. If I’m driving a tad bit over the speed limit in the fast lane and someone is behind me, should I really have to move behind the three semi trucks so they can break the law even more than they already are? I mean honestly, when I can’t see their headlights because they are so far up my bumper, it’s obvious they don’t remember the car length rule either, hence the law tailgating.
I’m always in a hurry, due to my bad time management skills, but never enough to expect someone to break the law for me. I guess what I’m asking is do I reserve the right to use the fast lane at maximum allowed speed or do I move my “bumper” over so the break-neck speeder is happy?
Just asking…

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