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(In Response to last week’s column)
I got a great comment from a reader that I’d like to share with all of you. I felt she stated it perfectly.
“I found that the best me to be is me, sometimes a few pounds over, sometimes with a bad hair day. The most important thing is who you are on the inside; it radiates to let your inner sunshine out!”
Just saying…

Restroom dilemma
I don’t think there is anyone who likes to use public restrooms, and if there is I’d love to hear why. There are some restrooms that are OK, for example at the doctor’s office. I’m talking about the multi-stall restrooms in very public areas.
As a woman of size, I sometimes have a hard time getting into the cramped space let alone being able to shut the door behind me. I have to squeeze in as far as possible and sometimes straddle the porcelain just to achieve the task of shutting the door that probably won’t lock anyway. I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like if I’m also juggling bags.
By the way, “Thank you, Don, for the new purse hook in the Poland Inner Circle restrooms.”
I read somewhere that the worst of the germ infestation isn’t from the toilet seat itself, but from everything else around it. This is really disturbing to me because by the time I get into the small cubby I have basically touched everything except the bowl water itself. Your next task is the wrapping of the toilet seat in enough tissue paper that even a pit-bull couldn’t chew through. You could always try the Suzie Squat technique; this never turns out well for me, not to mention the stress on my bad knees.
So, after all of that I ask you this, is it acceptable to use the larger stall marked “handicap accessible” or is that rude? It doesn’t mention “handicap only,” but I still feel as though I shouldn’t use it even if the bathroom is completely empty or extremely “backed up.” Your thoughts are welcome.
Just Asking…

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