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(In response to last week’s column)
If you see someone with a tattoo or a piercing and you’re caught staring, you should treat it the same way as if you’re looking at their sweater. If you like it then compliment them on it, If you don’t approve just smile politely and say nothing. You wouldn’t tell a stranger that you think their sweater is atrocious looking, so as the saying goes, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.”
Just saying…

Road Trip
Summertime road trips are the best. It’s a great time to get away from the hustle and bustle with your family and relax. You load up the car with way too much luggage and cram the kids in the back seat with pillows, blankets and an overabundance of video games. You leave at a ridiculously early hour and rush to your vacation destination.
My family goes to Virginia Beach almost every summer. My dad insists on leaving a midnight so we can drive all night in order to get there first thing in the morning. It usually ends up that all four car loads get there by 10 a.m. and we all have to nap because we’re too tired from driving. My husband usually does the same thing. Although he doesn’t insist on making us leave in the middle of the night like we’re going into the witness protection program, but he does drive like Mario Andretti in the Indy 500. In fact, our bathroom breaks are like pit stops, there’s no time to waste.
I, on the other hand, like to take my time. We load the car at our leisure and leave whenever we are ready. There’s no stress, no yelling at kids to hurry, and occasionally there’s a little time for a quick nap to ensure alert driving techniques. Once we’re on the road our vacation begins. We drive about two blocks and stop at Walgreens to load up on snacks, then another two blocks to get gas, and in about an hour we stop for lunch or dinner depending on how long of a nap I took.
This is where most men would have strangled me by now, including my husband. We might see a billboard that advertises some great outlet shops and decide to stop for a new bathing suit for the beach, or a new pair of shoes, and if we get tired or bored of driving we might stop at a hotel with a pool and stay the night. Meanwhile, we’re all bonding and having a great adventure on the open road not knowing what might be in store for us ahead.
I know this might sound aggravating to some of you, but why wait until you get there to have fun, when the fun can begin as soon as you leave the driveway?
Just asking…

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