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(In response to last week’s column)
After speaking with a well know hotel chain, I found out that the trial size shampoo and lotion are inclusive. I’ve thought for years that I was getting away with something and here the joke is on me.
Just saying…
Who’s the expert?
Do you find yourself giving a friend advice about something that you really don’t know much about? It’s really hard to listen to someone complain about something and not put your two cents in. There’s always that one person that you try to avoid because you know they’re going to complain about the same thing over and over and you don’t know what to say.
One time a friend was complaining about her husband over and over, she was so unhappy. I wanted to help her and so I said, “If you’re that unhappy then maybe you should leave him. You can always stay with me until you get on your feet.” Sometimes it’s better to just listen because she then replied, “Can I bring my two labrador retrievers?”
Whoa, whoa, what was I thinking? I wanted to be a good friend, but was I really in a place to give her marriage advice? Was I willing to take in two big shedding dogs? I think not!
What about when someone hates their job, you want to tell them to quit, but what if they do and can’t find another one? Are you able to support them? Sometimes it’s not even that serious of a subject, but you feel compelled to say something, anything for that matter. My daughter was telling me about her girlfriend being really bossy all the time, so I added, “What’s her problem lately, who does she think she is?” I instantly got a reply of, “Mom! Don’t talk about her like that, she’s my best friend!”
I wasn’t even sure of what had just happened. I was dumbfounded that I turned out to be the bad guy. I know we all want to help, but are you really being a good friend by saying what you think they want to hear? Should you give advice when you’re really not qualified?
Just asking…

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