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(In response to last week’s column)
When it comes to choosing where to sit at a movie theatre, there’s a balancing act that has to be performed. You plunked down your hard-earned cash and deserve to sit wherever you like, but so did everyone else and they deserve to watch the movie without your big head in their way.
While there are no rules handed out with your ticket, there are unwritten rules we should all follow: whenever possible, leave two or three seats between you and the nearest person, be aware of whether you’re blocking someone else’s view, and turn off the cell phone. Can’t the world can’t survive without us for 90 minutes?
Just saying…

Dust, dust, go away

Is it wrong that I want to get a job just to pay a cleaning lady?
I’ve been lucky enough to have been a “stay-at-home-mom” for quite a while now, but there’s something about cleaning my house that is so unrewarding that I’m willing to get a job just to avoid doing it.
I’m not talking about organizing or rearranging things, I’m talking about cleaning. Like doing the laundry over and over and over ... Half the time, I’m washing things that I know the kids didn’t even wear and it was just easier for them to throw them in the hamper than to hang them up. On that note, how many times can you wear a pair of “dungarees” before they’re considered dirty? Then there’s the dust! Where in the world does it come from and how does it get in the closets?
I know there are so many other things to spend the money on, but if I could just get somebody to come in and scrub the toilets and the tubs for me it would be great.
I’ve had a cleaning lady come to my house before and even though she would miss a few things here and there, it was much better than having to do it all by myself. The one thing  my husband could never understand is that the day before she would come, I would freak out and make everyone clean up before she would get there.
He’d say, “Isn’t that what the cleaning lady is coming here for — to clean?”
Am I the only person who cleans for their cleaning lady? This just seems like the right thing to do, am I wrong?

Just asking…

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