What part of ‘No onions’ didn’t you understand?


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It seems as though when naming a town, someone simply looked around and whatever they saw, became the name. This would explain Beavercreek, Deer Park or Rocky River. Others were named after people — Boardman was founded by Elijah Boardman, Austintown was apparently named after Judge Calvin Austin, and the odd name Uhrichsville was named after Michael Uhrich.
I heard from my friend’s mother that her mother’s mother said Poland was named after the Polish Hero Polasky. Contrary to what you may have thought, Licking County wasn’t named after a dog cleaning himself. It was named for all of the salt licks found in the area. 

Just saying ...

Drive-through disappointment
There’s nothing better than the day you let your diet go and decide to eat a big, fat, juicy burger and some “oh so yummy” salty fries from your favorite fast food drive-through. Usually, we indulge in such foods when we’re famished and short on time, so we splurge on the unhealthy, but convenient.
I usually can’t even wait to get home, so I start snacking on the fries in the car. I eat out of the top french fry container and make sure I give that one to the kids so I can still indulge in the full amount of goodness when I get home.
The downfall is when you get home, distribute the burgers and half-empty fries, and realize that they smothered your double burger in onions. I specifically said no onions!
You instantly go through a rush of emotions. First, there’s anger, then there’s sadness, followed by desperation. You have horrible thoughts of grabbing the kids’ meal burger and jamming the whole thing in your mouth. When you finally come to your senses, you do your best to remove the onions and anything they may have touched, and eat the remains of the “not so exciting” sandwich.
You have thoughts of calling the establishment and yelling, but know it won’t accomplish anything. You don’t have time to go back, so you cuss out the drive-through attendant silently in your head.
You think to yourself, “What kind of moron can’t get a simple order right?” Who’s in charge of this place? I want satisfaction! How hard can this job be?
Is there anyone out there who has experienced this type of work that can help us disappointed customers understand how such a catastrophe can occur?
Just asking ...

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