Should you judge a girl by her car?


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by Kim Boccia   | 52 entries

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(In response to last week’s column)

Most people today want every penny to count, so if you really need help with the scrubbing and disinfecting of the house (and you can afford this luxury), it only makes sense to have your home somewhat picked up before the cleaning lady arrives. If I had an abundance of cash, I would hire someone to do everything — the laundry, the dishes and even taking care of my husband. It’s actually a little pathetic that I’m dreaming of hiring someone to come clean before the cleaning lady.
Just saying ...

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Have you ever seen someone that “looks” like they’ve got it all together and then later realized, they don’t? I think I’ve done that a lot in my life. I have a tendency to think people have it better than I do. I think they’re better parents, better cooks, better at keeping house, better dressers and I could go on and on.
For example, my one friend seems to have the perfect life — the house, the kids, the husband, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous (No, I’m not talking about myself).
It has come to my attention, however, that that is not the case. The husband is a cheater, the daughter has been in BIG trouble, and she has a habit of spending money that they apparently don’t have.
I’ve even had people tell me that I always look “put together.” This is shocking to me, for I am the furthest thing from it. They may have just been being polite, but I swear I’ve really been told that. The truth is that I have 10-15 pieces of clothing that I love and wear all the time. None of them are from fancy stores and some I’ve had for 16 years.
I do fool people with my car, though. I had a Durango for eight years and it was time to turn the old girl in. I kept pointing out this one Lexus to my husband and he’d laugh every time and say: “Pick something else.”  Well as it turns out, we found a website where you can take over someone’s lease and found my Lexus with a monthly payment equal to my Durango’s. 
I guess it’s all in how you present yourself. Judging people before you get to know them just seems pointless. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you might be dead on and she really is a frigid female dog, but who really cares?
So, is it fair to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a girl by her car?
Just asking ...

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