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(In response to last week’s column)
Most agreed with me on the courtesy call from the doctor’s office idea and some misunderstood the point I was trying to get across. I know that there are legitimate reasons for extended wait times at the doctor’s office; I’m just requesting a little heads up when it happens. I would never suggest a rushed visit, just a courtesy call.
Just saying…

Stuck in Ohio
One of the trendy things to do lately is to put stickers on the window of your car. It’s challenging sometimes to try and decipher what they mean. If you’re not familiar with the popular beaches on the east coast, this task might be impossible. The one that stumped me for a while was OBX.
The other popular decals are those of the stick figure family and I even get a giggle from the sticker that says, “Nobody cares about your stick figure family.”
The latest decal that a lot of people have been sporting is the one that whines, “Stuck in Ohio.” This, I’m not a fan of. Are you really stuck here or are you just too lazy to achieve your goals to live somewhere else?
There are some that honestly can’t leave Ohio due to a job or loved ones, but they’re not usually the ones who are moaning and groaning about it publicly. There are some of us who choose to live in this beautiful state and would prefer others not to mock it. There are numerous things to enjoy in Ohio and Youngstown for that matter. It all depends on how much of an effort one puts into noticing and appreciating the attributes of this area. There’s the Fellows Riverside Gardens, The Butler Institute of American Art, Lanterman’s Mill, and all the performing arts in this area, to name a few.
We lived in Los Angeles, Calif. for ten years and we were only 20 minutes from the beach. It’s beautiful, but only if you go to it. You get caught up in daily routines when you live in a place that has palm trees and sunshine just like anyplace else. On the weekends we found ourselves saying, “There’s nothing to do.” A location is what you make of it.
There’s no better place to raise your kids than here.
I could go on and on about all of the great people who came from Ohio and about the seasons or how we have two larger cities an hour in either direction, but my editor only gives me limited space. I think I got my point across.
Am I wrong for finding the negative, lack of respect for the state in which most of us choose to live offensive or am I, too, being a whiner?
Just asking…

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