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(In response to last week’s column)
Nobody knows!
There are no logical answers to where all the missing socks go. It will forever be a mystery in life. I’ve asked everyone and researched everywhere and not one person has a good answer. I did appreciate one response, “Partying with the Tupperware lids.”
Not only do I have socks that have mysteriously disappeared, I have socks that have mysteriously arrived. Answer that one.
Just saying…

The Cleaning Fairy
Cleaning a house is a never ending project for most. People are constantly doing the usual weekly chores like the laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing the tubs and the toilets, etc. Have you ever wondered where all the other dirt goes?
You know the kind that I’m talking about, the crumbs that were in the crevasses of the stove, the thick layer of dust that formed on the ceiling fan, the splattered sauce all over the microwave, the goop that was on the bottom of the fridge. These are all things that we’ve seen, but mysteriously disappear, or do they?
I think a lot of family members just assume that the cleaning fairy comes in while everyone’s sleeping and takes all of those unsightly things away with a wave of her wand. I asked my daughter where she thought some of the dirt went and she looked up at the ceiling for a second, shrugged her shoulders and said, “I dunno” before continuing texting her BFF.
I guess in a perfect world all of those things would just disintegrate into thin air. Well, guess what - we don’t live in a perfect world.
All of the grime acquired in our houses is cleaned by someone or “something.” Nobody really recognizes or shows appreciation for this type of cleaning because one never really witnesses it like we do when someone is repeatedly trudging laundry up two flights of stairs.
Don’t you think it’s about time we stand up and take notice of all of the unrewarded work that’s being done all around us? Wouldn’t it be nice if we occasionally left the “fairy” a note once in a while. just to say you noticed?
Just asking…

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