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(In response to my column two weeks ago)
My #1 fan couldn’t have said it better: “Vacation time goes by so fast. Enjoy ‘getting there!’ It makes your time away seem longer and is much more relaxing. Leave the rushing and deadlines at home where they belong.” I couldn’t agree more.
Just saying…

Where do they go?
Usually in a relationship there’s one person who is organized, and the other who couldn’t find “his” head if it wasn’t screwed on. Sometimes I think the less organized partner just thinks it’s easier to ask then to actually put any effort in finding what they need themselves.
I don’t know where to even begin when it comes to kids! Heaven forbid they ever lift a finger or make any initiative to find the shoes that they took off an hour ago. I really love when they ask where they are in a tone that suggests I wore them myself. However, when I grew up with 6 sisters, you took your shoes off by the front door; it was almost guaranteed they’d be on someone else’s feet in a matter of minutes.
I could walk into my house and I would know instantly if someone had been there by where things are placed. Sometimes I think I should work in forensics like on CSI. I’m that good. The only thing I can’t get a grip on is where the heck are all of the missing socks?
I have at least thirty unmatched socks in my laundry room. I didn’t know I even bought thirty pairs of socks. I have looked everywhere and there’s no sign of them. I thought for sure they were caught in the corners of my fitted sheets. Wrong.
Then I looked behind the dryer and successfully found one measly sock that ironically didn’t match any of the other misfits, so now I have thirty-one.
I know that I’m not the only person dealing with this sock phenomenon and there’s no such thing as a sock monster, so where are all of my socks? Do you think the local forensics team would come in for this crime scene of sorts?
Just asking…

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