Who’s in charge of birth control?


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by Kim Boccia   | 52 entries

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(In response to last week’s column)

When you laugh at someone else’s pain or misfortune, it’s called Schadenfreude. That’s right, there’s a name for this bizarre behavior. Everyone seems to have experienced it! I, myself, have done it quite a few times. Watching a goose sneak up on my daughter and bite her on the butt was one of the funniest moments in my life. Even though she screamed and cried, it just seemed to make me laugh harder. Shameful!
Just saying ...


OK men, this column’s for you! Why is it that so many women who are done having children are still taking pills, getting their tubes tied, or even practicing abstinence for birth control, when the men can easily eliminate all of that with one tiny procedure?
Instead, we hear things like “Oh no, you’re not taking my manhood away” or “Nobody is cutting me down there.” My dad didn’t even want to get his dog neutered because he said it was too humiliating for the dog.
How can it be that women can have regular “women doctor” appointments, get huge needles stuck in their spine and endure the pain of the birthing process, yet so many men can’t seem to endure a tiny incision, followed by time on the couch with remote planted firmly in hand?
By the way, my tough guy New Yorker husband sat with his legs tightly crossed and slightly crouched over in pain just reading this column! What’s the deal?

Just asking ...

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