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(In response to last week’s column)

Some of us may be better servers if given the opportunity, but we’re still no better as people, no matter what our profession is. Anyone who shows up to work and is trying their best deserves respect, hands down, no excuses — even if their best isn’t the best.

Good parent, bad parent?

This week, I need a little comforting. I took my two daughters, four of their friends, and my bestie on a Spring Break trip to Florida. It’s a huge responsibility when you have other people’s kids with you — you want to keep them safe and abide by their parents rules, as well.
We had a great two-day car ride down to Jupiter where we did the speed limit (give or take 5 mph) and we only hung out of the sun roofs when we were in traffic jams. All was going well until the alternator went on the fritz in one of our cars (we took two).
I don’t usually get stressed in these types of situations but carrying the extra weight was a big responsibility, and I started to frazzle a little when we couldn’t get to the dealership in time. We hit traffic on Interstate 95 so the tow truck got there before us and dropped off the car, which was fine except that it was filled with the teenagers’ luggage — and now locked up because they had closed.
So naturally, we break into the dealership lot and steal our luggage (isn’t that what anyone would do?). But after jumping into the getaway car, I back into the security guard’s car. No damage was done, so we made a clean getaway (kind of).
For some reason, the excitement made us all have to use the restroom, so we rushed to a Subway and raced in. All was good and we were laughing about our ordeal over some $5 footlongs when we realized that we were missing someone.
In the mad dash for the bathroom, one of the 13-year-olds got locked in the car and didn’t want to open the door for fear the alarm would go off.
Now I ask you this: Am I the good parent because I took them on a vacation, had a blast, and got them home alive and unscathed? Or, will they only remember that I left someone else’s child locked in my car for seven minutes?
Just asking ...

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