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I am now a parent raising two kids in the small town that I was raised in. I know a lot of people and have different groups of friends. Some I know through my kids, some I went to school with and some I just happened to meet along the way.

I am always finding myself in an awkward situation when I go to a school event for one of my kids. I never can decide where to sit when I walk into a room full of spectators and a lot of them are my friends.

When I walk into the room, do I stop and observe the stands as if I’m picking out a magazine?

“No, not that one.“

“I like the looks of that one, but maybe there’s something better."

“That one is really interesting, but not as popular as the others.“

And then have the “ah ha moment” where I make my final decision and go in for the purchase.

Or, do I try to act like I’m looking at my phone and not make direct eye contact with anyone until I sense where my final destination is?

One friend of mine goes out of her way to get there early so she sits first and let’s everyone else make the awkward entrance.

There have been times where I have moved around to make sure I spent ample time with each friend and actually missed out on my child’s activity! I guess I could just sit by myself.

There have also been those times where I’d like to sit with a particular person and I think, does she want me to sit next to her or is she thinking, Oh God, please don’t let her sit here?

What is the right protocol for entering a crowded room? I have to say this isn’t something I lose sleep over, but it is a question that I’m sure a lot of us would like to know the answer to.

Just asking…

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