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In response to last week's question, “Where Do I Sit?” I was amazed at how many people could relate to my feeling of awkwardness.

On the other hand, I was also amazed at how many people just don’t give a …!

The consensus was that you’re NEVER going to please everyone, so just work on pleasing yourself. Walk into the crowded area of onlookers with your head up, scan the room until you see a friend you’d enjoy sitting next to and move in.

The key is to just own it. If someone is offended, then they don’t really understand you as a person and didn’t deserve your presence anyway. And if you’re still not comfortable with that, sit where you can get the best view and enjoy your individualism.

Wedding Responses

I have been perplexed for many years about how to fill out a wedding response card. I don't understand what the capital M is for at the beginning of the line where your name goes!

Do you actually write out the Mr. or Mrs., or do you just put a little r. or rs.?

Then, after you write out your name or names it asks how many guests are attending! If you just wrote who is coming why do you have to write it again? Are you supposed to write your name and how many guests you're bringing or do you include yourself in the total?

I’m really lost when I see “will_____attend." If I’m going to attend and bring my two children, do I put the number 2 on the blank line for “will 2 attend” or the number 4 for the whole family or do I just write “NOT” because I don’t know how to respond?!!!

I wasn’t fed with a silver spoon, but I should be able to get this right.

Oh, and while I'm at it, why kill all those trees for the stupid piece of tissue paper that seems to be totally unnecessary?

I do have to say I appreciate the stamped return envelope!

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