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Shoot the messenger?

(Response to last week’s question) It’s interesting how so many can think something is totally wrong, yet keep doing it to save their own rear ends. Everyone from the hair dresser to the charity organizers say they think lying is inappropriate, but they still do it all the time. Some of us try to say it’s because we don’t want to hurt feelings by telling the truth, but in the end, it’s to save our own hide. Personally, I’m going to tell little white lies to the school secretary until my kids graduate, because I am a chicken. Just saying…

The little white lie

Have you ever canceled an appointment at the last minute because you double booked by accident? Let your kid skip a day of school for a not-so-important reason? Have you skipped a friend’s party because you just didn’t want to go, but didn’t want to tell them the truth or hurt their feelings?

The couple that got away

Here’s the lowdown on wedding response cards. Not one person could give me the correct answer as to how you fill out one of these reply cards. I talked to one friend who said they got so many different replies to their wedding invitation that they didn’t have a clue as to who was actually coming.

Wedding responses

In response to last week's question, “Where Do I Sit?” I was amazed at how many people could relate to my feeling of awkwardness. On the other hand, I was also amazed at how many people just don’t give a …!