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(In response to last week’s column)

After meeting with a Chief of Police, I found out that there’s a method to their madness. The police don’t necessarily pick and choose where to patrol the speed, and they don’t get to set a speed limit just to “trap” people. Not only do they have a trained eye for speeders, they have access to a lot of technical resources. You should respect the speed and the officers who enforce it to keep your community safe.
Just Saying…

Don’t judge me!

I’m being a little selfish today and writing/venting about something I’m very passionate about. I usually don’t voice my opinion about this, but I’ve had a lot of coffee and I’m feeling bold.
If you’re not an animal person you might not understand, but if people can act like animals sometimes, who’s to say animals aren’t like people? I’m not the crazy dog lady who puts a tutu on them and parades them around town, but I do think they are smart and have emotions. In fact, I’m starting to realize even more why some are called “man’s best friend.”
Unlike some of my human friends, they don’t yell at me or hold a grudge, they’re great listeners, they’re always happy to see me, they can’t roll their eyes at me, they let me watch whatever I want on TV... How many of us can say that about our human friends?
I’m not saying we should be allowed to take them into restaurants or that everyone should drive around town with them like I do. I am saying this: spay and neuter your pets. If not, the little guys can end up in a cage for life, or worse, euthanized.
Please don’t breed your dogs with the neighbor’s dog just because puppies are cute. If I knew how to go about it, I would make it a law that you can only breed animals if you were certified by the AKC. Puppy mills are horrible.
On a lighter note, when I was pregnant with my first child, I had two Chihuahua’s that I adored. My 5-year-old niece was very concerned about the new baby and the dogs getting along. She asked very seriously: “Aunt Kimmy, what if the dogs don’t like the baby?”
I looked her straight in the eyes and said: “Then we keep the baby in the back yard, of course.” 
Spay and neuter your pets.
Just saying…

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