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Make your New Year’s resolution count this year

That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.” With a smile from “sticky outie” ear to ear, Charlie picks up his puny Christmas tree and skips happily home, believing now that Christmas is not about perfect performances, materialistic gifts, or brand-name boots. It has a much deeper meaning than any of that. (Although I really do like the boots — “UGHHH”!) I hope a lot of you were able to restrain from overspending and had a beautiful holiday with your families. I had a great Christmas, but was somewhat unsuccessful in taking my own advice. It’s all a work in progress. Just saying…

Don’t panic: You bought enough gifts

As Christmas gets closer, we start to panic. We start to think: “Do I have enough presents?” ”Are all the piles even?” “Will everyone be happy?” “Did I forget anyone?”

The gifts you keep on giving — to someone else

One Christmas season, I was a little behind on my family gift exchange shopping — OK I forgot! So I looked around the house to see what my sister and brother-in-law would want. I had an alarm clock radio that was brand new (OK, slightly used) that I knew he would like.

Have your pet spayed or neutered

After meeting with a Chief of Police, I found out that there’s a method to their madness. The police don’t necessarily pick and choose where to patrol the speed, and they don’t get to set a speed limit just to “trap” people. Not only do they have a trained eye for speeders, they have access to a lot of technical resources. You should respect the speed and the officers who enforce it to keep your community safe. Just Saying…