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(In response to last weeks column)

Personally, I think this sums it up perfectly: “There are actually three sides to every story — his side, her side and the truth. If you are passing judgment after hearing one side, you are no better than the person telling the story.” You can be supportive of your friend by listening to them, but not necessarily siding with them. Also, wait for an unemotional time to give input in favor of the other side. 

Just saying…

Spit happens

I’m in a cute pair of flip flops on a beautiful summer day, at the baseball fields with my kids to watch my nephew play baseball. As we approach the fence around the field, a 10-year-old boy clears his throat with a disgusting noise and proceeds to “hock a loogie” right where I was going to stand.
Really? What in the world would possess a young child to pull mucus into his mouth and then spit it on the ground for everyone to walk in?
There have been plenty of times in my life where I have had a stuffy nose or drainage in my throat and not once, have I thought, “Hey, let’s go out in public and spit this gross phlegm onto the ground.”
I could possibly understand if a bug flew into the back of your throat, but come on. I know that some men chew tobacco and need to spit (a very attractive habit by the way) but even that doesn’t make it OK to spit it on the ground. What if someone were to drop their keys or set their purse on the ground (not suggested)? 
I’ve seen men at parties holding a cup or a can that they spit into, but does that make it less gag-worthy for the rest of us?  Is this some deranged type of mating call? Hey baby, look at me while I spit like a man.
I have never seen my husband or my father spit out of sheer coolness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to throw a rock at the next guy I see spitting. I just want to call it to their attention that there are some things that just gross people out and should be done in private, and maybe not at the fair while standing in line waiting for your Richardson’s French Fries. 
Is there a more substantial reason for this act that I am just not aware of?

Just asking…

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