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missing adult female

March 15, 2008 James Henderson 915 John st. Niles,Ohio 44446 (330) 501-0161Jhende3100@aol.com My name is James Henderson on or about Oct. 1989 my sister Janet Dolgae ( Henderson ) came up missing from her Cortland, Ohio home. The last we heard was . I can remember some of the fights they got in they were not pleasant ones. Well Janet was working at Alberini's restaurant back then as a hostess and she liked her job she didn't like to stay at home much because of the fighting so she worked. I have been looking for her for a long time, in 1990 I made a missing persons with Trumbull county sheriffs dept. and I have checked a lot of city jails in the area. I also had friends from quite a few police dept. in the area check for me too with no leads I went to the morgues and looked at Jane doe's but no luck I had some missing person flyers made up back then and sent all over the country no luck there. Well now we have the computers I put Janet on the web in Mysapce also made her own web site in google findingjanet@yahoo.com. I sent to the social security office it came back that there was no activity since 1989 on her account. I ran her name and driver’s license number thru Ohio DMV it expired in 1990. I called U.S. search and paid money and nothing has produced. Now its time to put her on national tv what else can I do. I hope this is enough information thats all I can remember now can you help me please. I will send a seperate picture of Janet not on this page. This is a revision per court order and also we will find Janet no matter who gets in our way. Janet Rose Dolgae ( Henderson ) Cortland, Ohio 44410 DOB: Jan. 11,1961 SSN: 288-68-1876 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown or Hazel Weight: 140 Height : 5'8" Place of birth: Mansfield,Ohio Last Seen in Cortland,Ohio Date or disapearance Oct. 1989 Filed with Trumbull Sheriffs Dept. about Jan. 1990 Refiled March 7, 2008 with Warren Police Dept. Christopher Clementi Emergency Services Division Unit 4663 Phone: 330-394-2521 Fax: 330-394-3987 Case#: 08-6475