May 19 ...Two Birds


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Yesterday I saw two little birds flying around in my backyard, and they were fighting over some piece of food.(probably some poor worm, but that's another topic). They were so involved in this that they completely lost touch with what was going on around them. My dog was slowly sneaking up on them because they had landed underneath a picnic table and proceeded to fight down there. Lucy, my dog, got really close to them before I yelled at her and that scared away the birds.

    I thought how dumb those birds were to let something get so close that could destroy them, all because of some silly squabble. Then I though, "wow, how much like them are we!". Sometimes we can't see the forest because of all the trees.
    We Christians can get just like those birds, more often than we care to admit. How many times do we waste our time arguing over petty little disagreements, and we ignore the evil that approaches us. Christian unity is our goal, we say, but only if it's with the "right" kind of Christians. The right kind being the kind that agree with our point of view. Communion once a month, or every week? Rapture, or no rapture? The list can get quite long if we let it. Some brothers in the faith believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, while I do not. They are still my brothers in the faith, and neither view will keep either one of us out of heaven. If he is right, I'm happy. If I am right, I am somewhat prepared for what is to come.
    What I'm trying to say here is we spend way too much time acting like those birds, and all the while Satan is approaching us, laughing. As long as we're occupied with arguing amongst ourselves, we're not focused on fighting Satan and his evil plans (something Jesus called us to do, by the way). Is Christian unity, I mean REAL unity amongst all believers, just a fairy-tale dream? Can it be something we can make happen?
    When was the last time you went to another church's special event, or fundraiser? I'll be honest enough to say it's been a real long time for me. Sure, we always must support our home church, but do we really think we have the market cornered on Jesus? The truth is, we're just one small part of the body of Christ, which has many members performing many different tasks  -  no task less important that the other.
    I hope this is just my problem, and not yours. Either way, I'm just rambling on again....

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