June 15 ...Thanksgiving


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I know, it's a long way from, or to, thanksgiving, but I felt the need to send out my thanks to a few people.
    Billy Lowther - for your unashamed, uh-hindered worship in church. From where I sit on stage, just watching you is a real inspiration.
    Stan-(don't know your last name, but you know who you are) The Man. Watching the sincere worship and total joy as I see you on Sunday mornings....wow. keep it going!
    Jack Childers - Like many other guys, thanks so much for having us up to your place last Friday. What a great experience it was, especially being able to see so many                                 stars in the sky at night, and singing to God with a who-cares-who-else-is-listening attitude.
    Jim Purfey - For inspiring me to be the man God wants' me to be.
    Sue Purfey - you've helped my wife in so many ways. THANK YOU.
    Pastor Jamie - for your love, compassion, and dedication to the calling that God gave you. We need you right where you are, and you're doing a great job!
    Eric Clutter - for your knowledge of the scriptures, and your willingness to share it with the rest of us.
    P. Jim Lucas - for helping in the sound room, and always having my back in there.
    The worship team - how wonderful it is, what an honor to worship God, and lead God's people with all of you.
    Gary Motram - especially you, Gary. I love that groove we have!
    Bob Chalker - besides the obvious reasons that you already know of, thanks for being a good role model.
    Jim & Kristy Daily. Oh sure, they may not attend MVC anymore, but they're still a big part of my Christian family. Bear ye one another's burdens...and that's what we do.
I KNOW I've forgotten alot of people, so, sorry about that.
How about you? when's the last time you thanked the person who inspires you, or who helps you in some big, small, or unseen way?
They may not even know what they do for you, or how much you appreciate whatever it may be.
Maybe this hits home, or maybe I'm just rambling on again.....

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