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    I wrote to you all awhile ago about a boy who died of a drug overdose. His father is one of the people who I shared a card invitation with. He was in church this past Sunday, the guy with the biker leather on and the long hair. I talked with him the next day, and this is his review of our church: " Tom, it hurt alot, being in church, 'cause of my boy. But still I think it was something I needed to hear. I really enjoyed your church, what he (P. Jamie) had to say was real to me, it was sincere and honest. I usually don't get that from a church."
    One one hand, shame on the church for giving that man the impression that God's people (or those that call themselves that) are anything but open, honest, and loving. Shame on us if we have at any time been that way.
    On the other hand, join me in thanking God that he has placed us in a church where someone who really needs it, finds our church this way. No, we're not perfect. None of us are. But what a great review of MVC. Kudos to P. Jamie for a great message, and letting God speak through him. From someone looking in from the outside, we as a church are real, honest, and sincere. The more Pastor Jamie follows God's direction, and we in turn follow him, the better we get.
That's all, I'm done. Thanks for reading.

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