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Fri-Sat combined scores for Greatest Golfer

By: Todd Franko | August 25, 2013 Untitled document

Below are the 2-day totals for scores in the 2013 Greatest Golfer of the Valley.

Final round play starts at 12:30 p.m. at The Lake Club. Playe will tee off of 1 & 10 tees. The leaders in each division will tee off No. 10 and finish on No. 9.

Fri-Sat Scores here:
PETE MOLLICA Open Division
Jonah KarzmerLake Club 7273145  
Tim MorrowAvalon Lakes Golf Course7374147  
JoshuaZarlengaYoungstown Country Club7276148  
BrianNewellOak Tree Country Club7673149  
RickDemockoCandywood Golf Course7377150  
GlennMiltonAvalon Lakes Golf Course7080150  
StephenSlaughterTrumbull Country Club7773150  
Dan RamunLake Club 7576151  
EdSeecoAvalon Lakes Golf Course7675151  
JakeFaitMill Creek Golf Course7577152  
RichardMarloweTippecanoe Country Club7973152  
GeorgeAllenRiverview Golf Course7479153  
TimBeckTam O'Shanter7875153  
NateMullenReserve Run Golf Course7281153  
GreggRossiYoungstown Country Club7479153  
JeffreyCampbellCandywood Golf Course7777154  
RonnieHunterPine Lakes Golf Course7381154  
Michael PorterTippecanoe Country Club7579154  
ScottPorterTippecanoe Country Club7678154  
MarkBeckTippecanoe Country Club7877155  
JohnDimuccioAvalon Lakes Golf Course7481155  
BuzzPapaliaTippecanoe Country Club7481155  
JeffWilkinsTippecanoe Country Club7283155  
JackPicoTrumbull Country Club7977156  
BrianAustaloshOak Tree Country Club8176157  
ChadHanyshMill Creek Golf Course7879157  
Dominic PatellaTippecanoe Country Club7384157  
CoreyHinesRiverview Golf Course7781158  
JoeStrawinskiAvalon Lakes Golf Course7979158  
RobVenroseMill Creek Golf Course7682158  
BobKishSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8078158  
BryanHorneYoungstown Country Club8079159  
Andrew RichardsCastle Hills Golf Course7584159  
LouDelucaMill Creek Golf Course7882160  
PatrickMarloweKennsington Golf Club and Grille8179160  
Jason MurdockEast Palestine Country Club7783160  
Derek KnepperLake Club 7982161  
JasonRamusTwin Springs Golf Course8081161  
PatrickWilkensReserve Run Golf Course7982161  
GregWykleTamer Win Golf and Country Club8081161  
WesCaudillMill Creek Golf Course7884162  
RexPaganiMill Creek Golf Course7785162  
JimCogarSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8282164  
GregCookMahoning Country Club8084164  
JaredBartholomewPine Lakes Golf Course8184165  
DanielKinneyOld Dutch Golf Course8283165  
ChrisEconomusMill Creek Golf Course8185166  
TaylorRisingKennsington Golf Club and Grille8483167  
WesWestSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8285167  
Brad BarringerKnoll Run Golf Course8387170  
DavidKilgoreCopeland Hills Golf Club8684170  
DavidVitkoThe Links at Firestone Farms8684170  
ChrisEddingerSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8586171  
JoshFosterEast Palestine Country Club8388171  
ScottMcLaughlinValley Golf Course8487171  
Alan PodolskyMill Creek Golf Course8488172  
PeteBernatMill Creek Golf Course8291173  
ZackManskyAvalon at Squaw Creek75WD75
Women’s Open
ToniNotaroSalem Golf Club7476150  
JoanAshMill Creek Golf Course8182163  
LoriBowdenTippecanoe Country Club8182163
Women’s 9+
AbbyCookPine Lakes Golf Course7988167  
PattyBrantDeer Creek Golf Course8682168  
JillHarmonSalem Golf Club8485169  
SallyTaylorTrumbull Country Club8190171  
MarilynWoodsYankee Run Golf Course8290172  
PamelaVolosin HoliskyLake Club 8786173  
MaryKaneMill Creek Golf Course9291183  
Lauren MartauzMill Creek Golf Course9590185  
PatriciaTrollReserve Run Golf Course9198189  
AndreaManciniMill Creek Golf Course9298190  
NicoleMullinsMill Creek Golf Course9898196
Men’s 5-9
JoeCastorMahoning Country Club7374147  
Bryce MinerMill Creek Golf Course7277149  
DanStantonSalem Hills Golf and Country Club7576151  
DougMcMullinYankee Run Golf Course7280152  
KeithSchubertMahoning Country Club7379152  
JimGacaDiamond Back Golf Course8073153  
TaylorHallMill Creek Golf Course7776153  
Brian MyersLake Club 7677153  
AnthonyCapogrecoWalnut Run Golf Course7480154  
LarryMccallKennsington Golf Club and Grille7282154  
JohnPetroSalem Hills Golf and Country Club7579154  
Marty FitzgeraldMill Creek Golf Course7680156  
CorbinGregorinoMill Creek Golf Course7878156  
RonPolinskyYankee Run Golf Course7680156  
StevenSmootYankee Run Golf Course7482156  
JamesKoehlerTamer Win Golf and Country Club7978157  
Eddie Maughan, Jr.Tippecanoe Country Club7978157  
Ryan GriffithMill Creek Golf Course7880158  
MattThomasKnoll Run Golf Course7880158  
LawsonDrippsMill Creek Golf Course8178159  
JerryFerrell JrMill Creek Golf Course8277159  
Paul BindasKennsington Golf Club and Grille7882160  
VinnyGalaThe Links at Firestone Farms8377160  
AJMyersThe Links at Firestone Farms7882160  
TedRayAvalon Lakes Golf Course8080160  
BradKochReserve Run Golf Course7982161  
TonyPerryThe Links at Firestone Farms7883161  
WendellWagnonBedford Trails Public Golf Course7982161  
PaulCeneTippecanoe Country Club7884162  
RalphMacaliAvalon Lakes Golf Course7785162  
MikeBrinckoPine Lakes Golf Course8479163  
EdNappiLake Club 7885163  
RobertSerichPine Lakes Golf Course8479163  
BobTinneyKennsington Golf Club and Grille8281163  
Steve TraceYankee Run Golf Course8677163  
JoeCannattiFlying B Golf Course8084164  
SteveDaviesWalnut Run Golf Course8183164  
RayGrowBedford Trails Public Golf Course8480164  
WiliamHeidMill Creek Golf Course8282164  
StevenMowryMill Creek Golf Course8282164  
Frank PopioLakeside Golf Course7886164  
CarlRossAvalon Lakes Golf Course8183164  
RobRuleAvalon at Squaw Creek8084164  
JosephDidomenicoTippecanoe Country Club8283165  
DanIaderosaMill Creek Golf Course7986165  
EdwardMadelineDeer Creek Golf Course8283165  
DominicFabiilliMill Creek Golf Course8284166  
JamesLapollaTrumbull Country Club8581166  
PhilFlemingThe Links at Firestone Farms8285167  
MonteMorrisKnoll Run Golf Course9176167  
SteveMilanoAvalon Lakes Golf Course8088168  
TonySandyYankee Run Golf Course8187168  
Mark ABrown JrKennsington Golf Club and Grille8386169  
DonCavanaughReserve Run Golf Course8386169  
Monte DuncanMahoning Country Club8485169  
MikeMcclureParto's Driving Range8485169  
RayBeachMill Creek Golf Course8288170  
DavidCooperYankee Run Golf Course8486170  
Richard McDevittSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8090170  
JohnStanleyReserve Run Golf Course7991170  
JoeMeyersMill Creek Golf Course8685171  
Dave TabakMill Creek Golf Course8388171  
AllanPavalkoMill Creek Golf Course8785172  
CraigRoseYankee Run Golf Course8488172  
CoryStevensMahoning Country Club8686172  
WilliamBallackKnoll Run Golf Course8984173  
RyanCaprettaReserve Run Golf Course8390173  
BryanDunnMill Creek Golf Course8687173  
Don NewellOak Tree Country Club8390173  
FrankieSferraKnoll Run Golf Course8192173  
BillStantonReserve Run Golf Course8489173  
JamiePalumboYankee Run Golf Course8688174  
MattDobosAvalon at Squaw Creek8887175  
ChristopherPorterMill Creek Golf Course8590175  
JohnBuckleyLake Club 9086176  
MathewEspositoYankee Run Golf Course8591176  
RickKoewacichReserve Run Golf Course8592177  
JohnLewisTamer Win Golf and Country Club8593178  
AndrewSmyczynskiSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8895183  
MichaelFordKnoll Run Golf Course85100185  
JasonAndreMill Creek Golf Course9594189  
BruceBerryLake Club 9794191  
BenjaminHabudaKnoll Run Golf Course94100194
Men’s 10-14 Division
GriffinToddFlying B Golf Course7981160  
MichaelGuerrieriTippecanoe Country Club8378161  
PaulReiderTippecanoe Country Club8180161  
KurtBelerDiamond Back Golf Course7884162  
NickCapagrecoMill Creek Golf Course8379162  
JohnHazyMill Creek Golf Course8086166  
MarkStandoharSquaw Creek Country Club8383166  
ChuckBurleyCandywood Golf Course8584169  
RoderickCookYankee Run Golf Course8485169  
PhilipEubankMill Creek Golf Course8386169  
JohnMayoTippecanoe Country Club8386169  
AndyZabelTippecanoe Country Club8386169  
WilliamMorrisMill Creek Golf Course8189170  
BillFlaughDiamond Back Golf Course8091171  
GeorgeRohan IIILake Club 8290172  
BrianCarnieMill Creek Golf Course8589174  
RalphFabrizioMill Creek Golf Course8787174  
MichaelMaiellaOak Tree Country Club8787174  
EdwardMetzingerSalem Hills Golf Course8292174  
AlbertPacellaTippecanoe Country Club8788175  
JonathanWikeCandywood Golf Course8590175  
MichaelWatsonYankee Run Golf Course8293175  
MattMayCopeland Hills Golf Club8393176  
RichPerrineMahoning Country Club9185176  
DavidBerndtKennsington Golf Club and Grille9087177  
JohnPoultneyLake Club 8691177  
RichardBarnesMill Creek Golf Course9286178  
RaymondDuffettTippecanoe Country Club8593178  
GeorgeKrinosBedford Trails Public Golf Course78100178  
JeffBroganDiamond Back Golf Course8792179  
LeonardBrunoKennsington Golf Club and Grille8297179  
TimConnellMill Creek Golf Course9386179  
VincentDipasquaMill Creek Golf Course9089179  
Leland    R.MusguireRolling Hills Golf Course8792179  
DaveTabak, Sr.Knoll Run Golf Course8792179  
JoeErjavicLake Club 8892180  
JesseMcclainAvalon Lakes Golf Course8694180  
LeonardMochtyakReserve Run Golf Course8892180  
ChuckPetroskyMill Creek Golf Course9189180  
JeffSchaferFlying B Golf Course8793180  
DomenicCaranoKnoll Run Golf Course79102181  
JerryFerrellMill Creek Golf Course8992181  
JosephAlfanoBedford Trails Public Golf Course8696182  
Scott HarmonSalem Golf Club9785182  
MichaelHeadlandMill Creek Golf Course8993182  
JasonSchaferDiamond Back Golf Course8894182  
FrankAugustineKennsington Golf Club and Grille8895183  
MatthewCerconeMill Creek Golf Course8697183  
DeanMurrayKennsington Golf Club and Grille8994183  
BillVrontosAvalon Lakes Golf Course9192183  
MichaelYoungKnoll Run Golf Course8796183  
TomDickMill Creek Golf Course8797184  
NickKaleMill Creek Golf Course9094184  
AnthonyPetrilloMill Creek Golf Course9094184  
DavidCampmanKnoll Run Golf Course8996185  
LarryGessnerKennsington Golf Club and Grille9492186  
Mark IsaacsonReserve Run Golf Course82104186  
WalterJacyszynMahoning Country Club9393186  
RonSnyderLake Club9492186  
PaulMarovichTam O'Shanter9394187  
MichaelSkellyReserve Run Golf Course9691187  
JustinStaubAvalon Lakes Golf Course8998187  
DaneStilgenbauerMill Creek Golf Course9295187  
RobertVrabelMill Creek Golf Course86101187  
EricLambertMahoning Country Club9098188  
RobertMooreAvalon Lakes Golf Course9494188  
BobBrownCandywood Golf Course9693189  
JoeCostantiniPine Lakes Golf Course9792189  
JasonBarnotPine Lakes Golf Course9298190  
MichaelMissikCandywood Golf Course93100193  
JeremiahWarrenKnoll Run Golf Course94100194  
Joe Alfano Jr.Bedford Trails Public Golf Course95106201  
ThomBegeotDonnybrook Golf Course97106203       
WilliamHoffmanMill Creek Golf Course95WD95
Men’s 15+
SeanTisoneTippecanoe Country Club8582167  
PatrickCampbellDiamond Back Golf Course8781168  
SteveMartinSalem Hills Golf and Country Club8089169  
MaxMarcavishAvalon at Squaw Creek8389172  
NicholasInchakReserve Run Golf Course8589174  
RandyMccallKennsington Golf Club and Grille8688174  
TomOnestiLake Club8494178  
JustinAllenCandywood Golf Course8793180  
Justin KayMill Creek Golf Course8991180  
JohnRudolphBedford Trails Public Golf Course8991180  
FrankDavidsonDiamond Back Golf Course8598183  
TimRyanWillows Hills Golf Course8994183  
JohnEliasTippecanoe Country Club9193184  
MichaelRamunMill Creek Golf Course9194185  
JoeIberisKnoll Run Golf Course9195186  
GeorgeMillichAvalon at Squaw Creek9593188  
JohnnyMillichKennsington Golf Club and Grille10091191  
JimDelisioTippecanoe Country Club9697193  
JerryBuckleySalem Golf Club9699195  
Zachary Salvino SmithReserve Run Golf Course9798195  
BrianSeeTippecanoe Country Club93102195  
JosephMalysMill Creek Golf Course97100197  
Daniel HoracekReserve Run Golf Course91107198  
JimMonigoldMill Creek Golf Course10395198  
DavidArdale JrMill Creek Golf Course92109201  
ChristopherBurkeCranberry Hills Golf Course101100201  
JohnDaileyThe Links at Firestone Farms98105203  
RayMccuneTippecanoe Country Club99106205  
BrianHouserMahoning Country Club100106206  
RobertKobyMill Creek Golf Course99111210


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