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UPDATE WEDNESDAY | Latest Greatest tee times

By: Todd Franko | August 22, 2012 Untitled document

The 2012 Greatest Golfer of the Valley will tee off Friday, Aug. 24 at Mill Creek, with 250 golfers competing.

All of the tee times are below for Mill Creek, Youngstown CC, Tippecanoe CC and Trumbull CC.

This is subject to slight adjustments. You must check this list before you tee off as it is subject to change. If there is a major change from this time, we will notify you.

The Mill Creek plan is to tee off of Nos. 1 and 10 on both courses, with one grouping of players starting at 8 a.m., and another grouping at 12:30 p.m.

The times below are listed as 8 a.m. off No. 1; next is 8 a.m. off No. 10, and so on ...

Here are the course assignments:
South Course:
- Men 10-14 handicap 
- Seniors 
- SuperSeniors 

- Men 15+ handicap 

North Course:
- Men Open 
- Men 5-9 handicap 
- Women 9+ handicap
- Women Open 
Tees at Mill will be:
Red: Ladies
Gold: Seniors and SuperSeniors
Blue: Open Men
White: Men's - all others



8:00 -1AaronMeyersVagabond
John**PoultneyMill Creek Golf Course
BuddyCarhartReserve Run Golf Course
800-10RalphFabrizio Jr.Mill Creek Golf Course
SteveDenneyKnoll Run Golf Course
ChuckBurleyFlying B Golf Course
810-1MattMayCopeland Hills Golf Club
NicholasInchakReserve Run Golf Course
TomOnestiThe Lake Club
810-10JeffHapsicAvalon South Golf Course
BrettRicheyThe Lake Club
RobertMooreTamer Win Golf and Country Club
820-1MichaelMaiellaDeer Creek Golf Course
JasonSchaferDiamond Back Golf Course
AnthonyCapogrecoWalnut Run Golf Course
820-10JeremiahWarrenKnoll Run Golf Course
KyleFrazierPine Lakes Golf Course
MarkIsaacsonReserve Run Golf Course
830-1Justin**AllenTamer Win Golf and Country Club
RickHaldiMill Creek Golf Course
PatLeonardFlying B Golf Course
830-10BobLeonardMill Creek Golf Course
RogerNorthallRiverview Golf Course
JoePoseyMill Creek Golf Course
840-1JeffreyRognerYankee Run Golf Course
Joe**SmikMill Creek Golf Course
840-10PeteBennettTippecanoe Country Club
AnthonyVechiarelliMill Creek Golf Course
RayVershumMill Creek Golf Course
850-1JohnDunnThe Lake Club
JosephRogersMill Creek Golf Course
AdrianManginoCandywood Golf Course
850-10KurtBelerDiamond Back Golf Course
JamesGrunenwaldAvalon at Squaw Creek
GaryFultonEast Palestine Country Club
900-1OrlandoSantiagoLakeside Golf Course
CarlFattmanGreenville Country Club
GeneBabikMill Creek Golf Course
900-10AngeloDeLuciaMill Creek Golf Course
CharlesPowellOld Dutch Golf Course
910-1TomSyrianoudisOld Dutch Golf Course
WhizWilliamsSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
ThomasKinkelaTippecanoe Country Club
910-10EdAntonelliAvalon Lakes Golf Course
DanielBalintSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
JerryRehakMill Creek Golf Course
920-1GeorgeRepaskyParto's Golf Center
PierreAngelilliMill Creek Golf Course
RalphRobertsMill Creek Golf Course
920-10DominicVechiarelliMill Creek Golf Course
RaymondGaydosKnoll Run Golf Course
DavidVeitzMill Creek Golf Course
LelandMusguireRolling Hills Golf Course
JohnFredrickThe Links at Firestone Farms
930-10JamesHovellMill Creek Golf Course
RonMcGowenKnoll Run Golf Course
DennisMartinMill Creek Golf Course
12:30 -1JasonBarnotPine Lakes Golf Course
PaulRovnakKnoll Run Golf Course
JohnMayoTippecanoe Country Club
12:30-10GeorgeKrinosBedford Trails Public Golf Course
Rich **Perrine
12:40-1DennisDipasqualeMill Creek Golf Course
JosephAlfanoBedford Trails Public Golf Course
12:40-2JonWikeCandywood Golf Course
WalterJacyszynMahoning Country Club
12:50-1LeonardMochtyakReserve Run Golf Course
PaulMarovichTam O'Shanter
JerryFerrellMill Creek Golf Course
12:50-10DavidCampmanKnoll Run Golf Course
BobBrownCandywood Golf Course
DaveTabak, Sr.Knoll Run Golf Course
1:00-1Leland    R.MusguireRolling Hills Golf Course
EdwardMadelineDeer Creek Golf Course
RobertKobyMill Creek Golf Course
1:00-10DaneStilgenbauerMill Creek Golf Course
CharlesPetroskyMill Creek Golf Course
HankMorrisMill Creek Golf Course
1:10-1TimConnellMill Creek Golf Course
AndrewZabelTippecanoe Country Club
AnthonyPetrilloMill Creek Golf Course
1:10-10MatthewCerconeMill Creek Golf Course
MichaelYoungKnoll Run Golf Course
1:20-1RobertDonahueMill Creek Golf Course
PhilipEubankReserve Run Golf Course
Joseph**IberisReserve Run Golf Course

1:30-1JoeMalysMill Creek Golf Course
DavidArdale JrMill Creek Golf Course
RayDuffettTippecanoe Country Club
RayMcCuneTippecanoe Country Club
SteveMartinSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
1:40-1ChuckBrielThe Links at Firestone Farms
TomMathewsKnoll Run Golf Course
AnthonyDianaReserve Run Golf Course
DanHoracekReserve Run Golf Course
JerryBuckleySalem Golf Club
1:50-1PhilRoudebushDiamond Back Golf Course
SeanTyranWalnut Run Golf Course
JimDimuzioOak Tree Country Club
1:50-10PhilipReganoMill Creek Golf Course
JohnEliasTippecanoe Country Club
Evan**StarcherAvalon Lakes
2:00-1WilliamGarrettMill Creek Golf Course
DavidPeduzziAvalon Lakes Golf Course
BrianCarnieDiamond Back Golf Course
2:00-10KrisNickellMill Creek Golf Course
MichaelGuerrieriTippecanoe Country Club
JosephDidomenicoTippecanoe Country Club
2:10-1RoderickCookYankee Run Golf Course
TomCostantinoTrumbull Country Club
JeffDechellisBedford Trails Public Golf Course




8:00 -1JimSylvaniaMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
ChrisEconomusMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
800-10ChadHanyshSalem Hills Golf and Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
ZackManskyAsh Hills Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
BryanHorneYoungstown Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
810-1GeorgeAllenRiverview Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JamieBerndtTippecanoe Country Club2012-women-9-handicap
AndrewSmyczynskiSalem Hills Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
810-10JoshuaZarlengaYoungstown Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
BuzzPapaliaTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
KeithSchubertMahoning Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
820-1JonahKarzmerThe Lake Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
NateMullenAvalon Lakes Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
AnthonyConnMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
820-10PatrickMarloweMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
ScottPorterTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
ChrisEddingerSalem Hills Golf and Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
830-1DickMarloweTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JoshFosterEast Palestine Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
LouDeLucaMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
830-10DavidLauerFlying B Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JimCogarSalem Hills Golf and Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
MichaelPorterTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
840-1WesCaudillYoungstown Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JasonMurdockEast Palestine Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JackPicoTrumbull Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
840-10BradMeshulaReserve Run Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JeffCampbellCandywood Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
EdSeecoAvalon Lakes Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
850-1RickDemockoCandywood Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JeffWilkinsTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
GlenMiltonMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
850-10AndrewRichardsCastle Hills Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
LawsonDrippsTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
RonnieHunterPine Lakes Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
900-1TimBeckThe Lake Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
DanRamunThe Lake Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
GaryWoodsSalem Hills Golf and Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
900-10AaronMeikleWalnut Run Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
MichaelDotaMill Creek Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
KyleFirmBedford Trails Public Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
910-1LarryMinerAsh Hills Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JackFlynnPine Lakes Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
JimPerryTippecanoe Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
910-10JaredBartholomewAvalon South Golf Course2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
920-1JohnLewisAvalon South Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
RayGrowBedford Trails Public Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
ScottBradleyWalnut Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
920-10Jerry**Ferrell Jr.Mill Creek
ChristopherPorterMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
VinnyGalaThe Links at Firestone Farms2012-men-5-9-handicap
930-1JohnPetroRolling Hills Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
CharlesBrashenDeer Creek Golf Cours2012-men-5-9-handicap
BenjaminHabudaKnoll Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
930-10MichaelFordKnoll Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
DanStantonSalem Golf Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
MichaelWatsonMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
12:30 -1TimRussoMeander Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
DavidCooperYankee Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
RaymondBeachMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
12:30-10JimGacaMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
RexPaganiMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
AJMyersThe Links at Firestone Farms2012-men-5-9-handicap
12:40-1RobertSerichYoungstown Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
BillFlaughDiamond Back Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
12:40-2JohnBuckleyThe Lake Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
FrankieSferraKnoll Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
JoeMeyersMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
12:50-1MartyFitzgeraldMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
RonPolinskyYankee Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
JohnStanleyReserve Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
12:50-10RobVenroseMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
GregWykleTamer Win Golf and Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
DonaldCavanaughReserve Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:00-1JohnHazyMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
MikeBrinckoPine Lakes Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
BarryPiperBronzwood Golf Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:00-10PhilipFlemingThe Links at Firestone Farms2012-men-5-9-handicap
MattDobosAvalon Lakes Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
RobertKishMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:10-1BradKochReserve Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
DominicFabiilliMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
BrianMyersThe Lake Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
DavidTabak, Jr.Knoll Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
DanielKinneyOld Dutch Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:20-1TimothyPetzakCandywood Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
BenBasistaKnoll Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
MonteDuncanMahoning Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:20-10RyanRygielThe Lake Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
MikeRuffingYoungstown Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
RichardMcdevittSalem Hills Golf and Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:30-1LarryMcCallMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
EddieMaughan Jr.Tippecanoe Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
MattDiloretoMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:30-10CorbinGregorinoMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
BryanDunnMill Creek Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
TravisLaneWestville Lake Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
1:40-1AndreaManciniMill Creek Golf Course2012-women-9-handicap
SallyTaylorTrumbull Country Club2012-women-9-handicap
MicheleCaputoMill Creek Golf Course2012-women-9-handicap
1:40-10AbbyCookPine Lakes Golf Course2012-women-9-handicap
RitaShepherdYankee Run Golf Course2012-women-9-handicap
MaryKaneMill Creek Golf Course2012-women-9-handicap
1:50-1PattyBrantDeer Creek Golf Course2012-women-open-to-8-handicap
JoanAshMill Creek Golf Course2012-women-open-to-8-handicap
CatherineCarlockTippecanoe Country Club2012-women-open-to-8-handicap
1:50-10PamelaPorterThe Lake Club2012-women-9-handicap
MarilynWoodsOak Tree Country Club2012-women-9-handicap
2:00-1SteveDaviesWalnut Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
JamesLaPolla, Jr.Trumbull Country Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
BillStantonReserve Run Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
2:00-10LoriBowdenTippecanoe Country Club2012-women-open-to-8-handicap
KathleenLathemTrumbull Country Club2012-women-open-to-8-handicap
VeronicaLeighMill Creek Golf Course2012-women-open-to-8-handicap
2:10-1FrankPopioLakeside Golf Course2012-men-5-9-handicap
GregCookMahoning Country Club2012-pete-mollica-mens-open-division
2:10-10Bruce**BerryThe Lake Club2012-men-5-9-handicap
Tony**PerryLinks Firestone2012-men-5-9-handicap




1030AndrewZabelTippecanoe Country Club
JohnDunnLake Club
AnthonyCapogrecoWalnut Run Golf Course
1040AnthonyPetrilloMill Creek Golf Course
BobBrownCandywood Golf Course
Jon**WikeCandywood Golf Course
1050CharlesPetroskyMill Creek Golf Course
ChuckBurleyFlying B Golf Course
DaneStilgenbauerMill Creek Golf Course
1100DaveTabak, Sr.Knoll Run Golf Course
DavidCampmanKnoll Run Golf Course
DennisDipasqualeMill Creek Golf Course
1110EdwardMadelineDeer Creek Golf Course
Bill**VrantosAvalon Lakes Golf Course
GeorgeKrinosBedford Trails Public Golf Course
HankMorrisMill Creek Golf Course
JasonSchaferDiamond Back Golf Course
1130JasonBarnotPine Lakes Golf Course
JeffDechellisBedford Trails Public Golf Course
JeffHapsicAvalon South Golf Course
1140JeremiahWarrenKnoll Run Golf Course
JerryFerrellMill Creek Golf Course
JohnPoultneyMill Creek Golf Course
1150JohnMayoTippecanoe Country Club
Brian**CarnieDiamond Back Golf Course
1200JosephAlfanoBedford Trails Public Golf Course
JosephDidomenicoTippecanoe Country Club
KrisNickellMill Creek Golf Course
1210KyleFrazierPine Lakes Golf Course
Leland    R.MusguireRolling Hills Golf Course
1220LeonardMochtyakReserve Run Golf Course
MarkIsaacsonReserve Run Golf Course
MattMayCopeland Hills Golf Club
1230MatthewCerconeMill Creek Golf Course
MichaelMaiellaDeer Creek Golf Course
MichaelYoungKnoll Run Golf Course
1240MichaelGuerrieriTippecanoe Country Club
PaulRovnakKnoll Run Golf Course
PaulMarovichTam O'Shanter
1250PhilipEubankReserve Run Golf Course
RobertMooreTamer Win Golf and Country Club
100 TBD
RobertDonahueMill Creek Golf Course
RoderickCookYankee Run Golf Course
110SteveDenneyKnoll Run Golf Course
TimConnellMill Creek Golf Course
TomOnestiThe Lake Club
120TomCostantinoTrumbull Country Club
WalterJacyszynMahoning Country Club
Evan**StarcherAvalon Lakes
130DanielBalintSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
DavidVeitzMill Creek Golf Course
140GeorgeRepaskyMill Creek Golf Course
DominicVechiarelliMill Creek Golf Course
RalphRobertsMill Creek Golf Course
EdAntonelliAvalon Lakes Golf Course
150DennisMartinMill Creek Golf Course
JerryRehakMill Creek Golf Course
JamesHovellMill Creek Golf Course
200JohnFredrickThe Links at Firestone Farms
LelandMusguireRolling Hills Golf Course
PierreAngelilliMill Creek Golf Course
RaymondGaydosKnoll Run Golf Course
RonMcGowenKnoll Run Golf Course
ThomasKinkelaTippecanoe Country Club
220TomSyrianoudisOld Dutch Golf Course
WhizWilliamsSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
BrettRicheyThe Lake Club
230AbbyCookPine Lakes Golf Course
AndreaManciniMill Creek Golf Course
JamieBerndtTippecanoe Country Club
MarilynWoodsOak Tree Country Club
MaryKaneMill Creek Golf Course
250MicheleCaputoMill Creek Golf Course
PamelaPorterThe Lake Club
RitaShepherdYankee Run Golf Course
SallyTaylorTrumbull Country Club


<!--table -->

1030AaronMeikleWalnut Run Golf Course
AndrewSmyczynskiSalem Hills Golf Course
AndrewRichardsCastle Hills Golf Course
1040AnthonyConnMill Creek Golf Course
BradMeshulaReserve Run Golf Course
BryanHorneYoungstown Country Club
1050BuzzPapaliaTippecanoe Country Club
ChrisEconomusMill Creek Golf Course
ChrisEddingerSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
1100ChadHanyshSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
JeffWilkinsTippecanoe Country Club
GaryWoodsSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
1110DanRamunThe Lake Club
DavidLauerFlying B Golf Course
1120DickMarloweTippecanoe Country Club
EdSeecoAvalon Lakes Golf Course
GeorgeAllenRiverview Golf Course
1130GlenMiltonMill Creek Golf Course
GregCookMahoning Country Club
JackPicoTrumbull Country Club
1140JackFlynnPine Lakes Golf Course
JaredBartholomewAvalon South Golf Course
JasonMurdockEast Palestine Country Club
1150JeffCampbellCandywood Golf Course
JimSylvaniaMill Creek Golf Course
JimCogarSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
1200JimPerryTippecanoe Country Club
JonahKarzmerThe Lake Club
JoshFosterEast Palestine Country Club
1210JoshuaZarlengaYoungstown Country Club
KeithSchubertMahoning Country Club
KyleFirmBedford Trails Public Golf Course
1220LarryMinerAsh Hills Golf Course
LawsonDrippsTippecanoe Country Club
LouDeLucaMill Creek Golf Course
1230MichaelPorterTippecanoe Country Club
MichaelDotaMill Creek Golf Course
1240NateMullenAvalon Lakes Golf Course
PatrickMarloweMill Creek Golf Course
RickDemockoCandywood Golf Course
1250RonnieHunterPine Lakes Golf Course
ScottPorterTippecanoe Country Club
TimBeckThe Lake Club
WesCaudillYoungstown Country Club
ZackManskyAsh Hills Golf Course
110RalphFabrizio Jr.Mill Creek Golf Course
RickHaldiMill Creek Golf Course
PatLeonardFlying B Golf Course
120BobLeonardMill Creek Golf Course
RogerNorthallRiverview Golf Course
JoePoseyMill Creek Golf Course
130JeffreyRognerYankee Run Golf Course
Joe**SmikMill Creek Golf Course
140PeteBennettTippecanoe Country Club
AnthonyVechiarelliMill Creek Golf Course
RayVershumMill Creek Golf Course
JosephRogersMill Creek Golf Course
AdrianManginoCandywood Golf Course
200KurtBelerDiamond Back Golf Course
JamesGrunenwaldAvalon at Squaw Creek
GaryFultonEast Palestine Country Club
210OrlandoSantiagoLakeside Golf Course
CarlFattmanGreenville Country Club
GeneBabikMill Creek Golf Course
220AngeloDeLuciaMill Creek Golf Course
CharlesPowellOld Dutch Golf Course

<!--table -->

1000AJMyersThe Links at Firestone Farms
BarryPiperBronzwood Golf Club
BenBasistaKnoll Run Golf Course
1010NicholasInchakReserve Run Golf Course
BenjaminHabudaKnoll Run Golf Course
BillStantonReserve Run Golf Course
1020BillFlaughDiamond Back Golf Course
BradKochReserve Run Golf Course
BrianMyersThe Lake Club
1030BryanDunnMill Creek Golf Course
CharlesBrashenDeer Creek Golf Cours
ChristopherPorterMill Creek Golf Course
1040CorbinGregorinoMill Creek Golf Course
DanStantonSalem Golf Club
DanielKinneyOld Dutch Golf Course
1050DavidCooperYankee Run Golf Course
DavidTabak, Jr.Knoll Run Golf Course
DominicFabiilliMill Creek Golf Course
1100DonaldCavanaughReserve Run Golf Course
EddieMaughan Jr.Tippecanoe Country Club
FrankPopioLakeside Golf Course
1110FrankieSferraKnoll Run Golf Course
GregWykleTamer Win Golf and Country Club
JamesLaPolla, Jr.Trumbull Country Club
1120JimGacaMill Creek Golf Course
JoeMeyersMill Creek Golf Course
1130JohnPetroRolling Hills Golf Course
JohnBuckleyThe Lake Club
JohnStanleyReserve Run Golf Course
1140JohnHazyMill Creek Golf Course
JohnLewisAvalon South Golf Course
Vinny**GalaThe Links at Firestone Farms
1150MartyFitzgeraldMill Creek Golf Course
MattDobosAvalon Lakes Golf Course
MattDiloretoMill Creek Golf Course
1200MichaelFordKnoll Run Golf Course
MichaelWatsonMill Creek Golf Course
MikeBrinckoPine Lakes Golf Course
1210MikeRuffingYoungstown Country Club
MonteDuncanMahoning Country Club
1220PhilipFlemingThe Links at Firestone Farms
RayGrowBedford Trails Public Golf Course
RaymondBeachMill Creek Golf Course
1230RexPaganiMill Creek Golf Course
Larry**McCallMill Creek Golf Course
RichardMcdevittSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
1240RobVenroseMill Creek Golf Course
RobertSerichYoungstown Country Club
RobertKishMill Creek Golf Course
1250RonPolinskyYankee Run Golf Course
RyanRygielThe Lake Club
Jerry**Ferrell Jr.Mill Creek
100ScottBradleyWalnut Run Golf Course
SteveDaviesWalnut Run Golf Course
TimRussoMeander Golf Course
110TimothyPetzakCandywood Golf Course
TravisLaneWestville Lake Golf Course
120CatherineCarlockTippecanoe Country Club
JoanAshMill Creek Golf Course
KathleenLathemTrumbull Country Club
130LoriBowdenTippecanoe Country Club
PattyBrantDeer Creek Golf Course
VeronicaLeighMill Creek Golf Course
AnthonyDianaReserve Run Golf Course
BuddyCarhartReserve Run Golf Course
150ChuckBrielThe Links at Firestone Farms
DanHoracekReserve Run Golf Course
DavidArdale JrMill Creek Golf Course
200DavidPeduzziAvalon Lakes Golf Course
JerryBuckleySalem Golf Club
JimDimuzioOak Tree Country Club
210JoeMalysMill Creek Golf Course
JohnEliasTippecanoe Country Club
Bruce **BerryThe Lake Club
JosephIberisReserve Run Golf Course
JustinAllenTamer Win Golf and Country Club
PhilRoudebushDiamond Back Golf Course
PhilipReganoMill Creek Golf Course
240RayDuffettTippecanoe Country Club
RayMcCuneTippecanoe Country Club
SeanTyranWalnut Run Golf Course
250SteveMartinSalem Hills Golf and Country Club
TomMathewsKnoll Run Golf Course
WilliamGarrettMill Creek Golf Course





Links Firestone

Mill Creek





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