PHOTOS | Are your kids voting with you? Send us pictures. Here's a Canfield kid 'voting' today


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The ritual of elections and taking your children is a proud tradition. Send us the photos. Email them to Vindicator Editor Todd Franko at

Gerry and Natalie Warner of Canfield took pix of their son, Nathanael.

Here's the pik and here's what they wrote: 

Nathanael Warner of Canfield

















Dear Gentlemen,

Thought you may get a kick out of my 10 Month old Son, Nathanael, and his first expedition to the polls here in Canfield.  Clearly, given his verification of an underage voting Election Official raises serious questions of Ohio voting procedures.  Please send out a crack unit of investigative reporters for further inquiry.   Enjoy!!!

Most Cordially,
Gerry, Natalie, and Nathanael Warner
Canfield, Ohio

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