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by Carl Basic   | 38 entries


Was it the weather? Or all those early ballots cast yesterday when people stood in long, winding lines outdoors, waiting to make their vote count?  Whatever it was made for a nearly empty polling place on Youngstown's North Side early this evening when I stopped in. No line, no wait, even inside. And plenty of open touch screens just waiting for someone to tap them. 

Seems there were more campaign workers at the door than voters inside. It's like running a gauntlet, all that last-minute literature thrust into one's hands as you enter. (Does anyone really change their vote when they get  that stuff?) 

This time, though, it included a couple surprises — a pencil (with eraser) stamped with the Mahoning County elections board's moniker was a welcome help in tapping the screen, and a pack of peanut butter sandwich crackers sporting a "retain Lisa Antonini" label.

Leave it to a woman to conclude that the way to voters' hearts is through our stomachs!


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