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by Brian Fry   | 196 entries

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Sauvignon Balnc has been around for centuries and is still one of the top four white wines in the owrls in terms of production and sales. The good news for wine lovers is that there has never been a greater varieties of countries /regions to choose from. Each of these growing areas offers their own unique slant on the wonderful white.

Here's a look at five Sauvignon Balncs that got my attention at recent tasting sessions:


1. 2012 Joel Gott (California)

Vinrant and energetic as the citrus fruit jumps right out of the glass into your nose and onto the palate. This one has some gusto and is a little bigger at 13.9% ABV

2. 2011 Le Jade (France)

More delicate in style with a lot of intricate flavors intertwined. A real floral aroma with hints of grassy fields combine with citrus fruits and nice depth on the finish.

3. 2011 Brancott (New Zealand)

A burst of fresh grapefruit from start to finish makes this wine a real favorite among those who like the New Zealand style.

4. 2011 John Anthony (California)

An excellent combination of the California and French styles. Very fragant up front with defined notes of flora leading to a delicious palate of lemon zest and lime.

5. 2011 Pietro (Napa)

One of my new favorites of 2012. Extremely well balanced with pineapple and grapefruit on the palate balanced by refreshing acidity that lasts on the finish.

All of the wines are widely distributed in our valley, so if you store or favorite restaurant doesn't have them, they can easily get them for you. With so many different styles and countries to choose from, it's fun to pick up one from each  and do a tasting of your own to figure out which one you like best!






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