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I've had the pleasure of visiting Landmark Vineyards three times over the last decade. Landmark is Sonoma County to the core with its emphasis on Rhone style wines and providing an incredible experience when you visit. If you are a fan of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, you will be in heaven. Interestingly, they do not make a Cabernet or Merlot. Instead, they defy convention by producing incredible Syrah and Grenache. Landmark's reputation is respected worldwide and receives consistently high scores from the internatrional wine press.

I don't usually profile wines in this price range in my blog. My focus is almost exclusively on value priced wines that mostly everyone can afford. There are cases where you can find tremendous value in wines priced $25-$45 dollars. In my opinion, Landmark wines drink more than 30% above their retail price point. If you are going to spend some money on a bottle of Sonoma County wine, strongly consider Landmark Vineyards.

The Wines:

2010 Overlook Chardonnay ($25)

An unfiltered, medium bodied chardonnay that has great balance and offers something to fruit and oak lovers alike. Opens with great fruit flavors of citrus, lemon and nectarine, follwed by nutmeg spice and a hint of oak.

2010 Damaris Reserve Chardonnay ($40)

Richer and more intense in flavor than the Overlook. Incredible fruit bursts on the front pallate with flavor of pear, white peach, and lime zest. Entricing ginger and vanilla come through on the finish. Bottled unfiltered after 15 months in French oak barrels.

2010 Grand Detour Pinot Noir ($35)

An elegant blend of five different Sonoma Coast vineyards. Delicate strawberry and mushroom greet the front pallate, while blood organge and light berry are present on the finish. Incredibly balanced with silky tannins and light acidity.

2010 Steel Plow Estate Grenache ($35)

Incredibly well structured with layers of flavors working together. Concentrated blueberry and light currant fruit mingle seamlessly with delicate fig, cinnamon and vanilla. Bolder than most California Grenache and is worth aging a few years.

2010 Kivelstadt Syrah ($40)

Intense black fruit and blue jam flavor integrated with flora and toffee. The fruit flavors are amazingly ripe and offer succulent sips. Light vanilla and a defined earthy finish make this wine good now and great in 3-4 years.


Landmark wines are available on most of the better restaurant wine lists in our valley. You can find them in some independent retail shops, but any store can order them for if you request them. Enjoy!







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