Oskar Blues Launches Its Beer in Ohio


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You may notice something a little different in the craft / micro beeer section of your favorite retailer these days: Aluminum cans. Although most craft breweries avoid them like the plague, Ohio's newest creft beer entry embraces them like a long lost relative. Oskar Blues Brewery launched its full line of craft beer in the state recently with  full two weeks of launch parties and tastings locally. The Colorado-based brewery has a full line of interesting and flavorful beers. Here's a look at the lineup:

Dale's Pale Ale:

Oskar's Blue;s flagship beer has been brewed and canned since 2002. An American style palle ale which is nicely hopped (65 IBU) and balanced with some pale malts. It is asssrtive in its flavor, but not overly aggresive. The beer has won numerous awards since its inception including Top US Pale (NY Times) and a Gold Medal in 2010.

Mama's Little Yellow Pils:

A small-batch version of the traditional Pilsen, Czech style of brewing. This pilsner has substantial body and flavor. It uses100% pale malt, German malt, and Saaz hops inthe brewing process. The combination leads to a more subtle hop flavor (35 IBU). If you enjoy a more mainstream American beer, try this one and compare!

Deviant Dale's India Pale Ale:

Served in a 16oz "tallboy" can, this IPA is the most heavily hopped of the lineup at 85 IBU. Great citrus fruit flavors mingle with a nose of pine and grapefruit. Brewed witha generous amount of malt and Columbus dry hopping. Provides more zing on the pallate for those who like it hoppy.

Old Chub Scotch Ale:

This hefty Scottish strong ale comes in hearty at 8% ABV. It is brewery with a high amount of malted barley. specialty grains, and a hint of beechwood smoked malt which provides a robust flavor profile including hints of cocoa, coffe and a kiss of smoke. An interesting beer for those who like it all little stronger

G'Knight Imperial Red:

An Imperial / Red Double IPA that checks in at 8.7% ABV and 60 IBU. Surpisingly smooth and drinkable for a beer this "big".

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout:

A very unique imperial stout in the sense that is heavily hopped at 98 IBU. The heavy dose of two-row malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, and flaked oats prevent the beer from having the bitterness usually associated with that high of an IBU rating. Great chocolate and coffe flavor.

Oskar Blues in available in many local restaurants, bars and retailers right now. If your local purveyor doesn't have it they can easily get it through Superior Beverage Company. Pick some cans up today and enjoy! They also have a great web site and Facebook page for those of you technically inclined.

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