Wines from Italy and Argentina at Local Taste On Thursday


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by Brian Fry   | 196 entries


Wines from Italy have long been popular in this valley do to the strong connection many of our residents fell to their Italian heritage.  Recently, wines from Argentina have increased in popularity in the valley, and the sales numbers from local stores and restaurants have climbed consistently over the last twelve months.  Station Square Ristorante and Valley Vino Wine Club are partnering to combine the two country's wines and explore some surprising connections between the nations.

Valley Vino's "Discover Series" finds unique wines not seen in many local stores and restaurants and offers some education and insight to guests who attend and taste the wines.  Food is also a huge part of the discovery series, as each wine has a specially created entree and appetizer for guests to enjoy.  Chef Ottavio was intrigued by the chance to pair some of his Italian culinary creations with Argentinian wines.

"There are some really good appetizer and entrees we have paired with these wines.  Valley Vino found some great wines of tremendous value.  I was able to pick some of our customer's favorites and add some new creations to go with the wines."

Chef Ottavio is also excited that Thursdays guests will be able to enjoy his new patio for the first time at his monthly tastings.  The "Tuscan Patio" is Station Square's newest addition and culminates almost 18 months of upgrades, additions and improvements to the establishment.

"Tomorrow's tasters will enjoy a great setting along with the tremendous food and wine.  The weather is going to be ideal for an outdoor tasting."

The event offers local wine enthusiasts to taste five wines for $20 with a complimentary cheese course.  Tasters are encouraged to enjoy appetizers and dinner with the wines.  Unlike many wine dinners, tasters are able to completely control which menu items they select and how much they spend on their dinner choices.

Here's a look at the wines and some of the food pairings:

2010 Los Clop Torrontes (Argentina) paired with a Greek Shrimp appetizer and Jumbo Scallops over Risotto Carbenera.

2010 San Simone Pinot Grigio (Italy) paired with an Ahi Tuna appetizer and Risotto Mare e Monti.

2009 La Espera Malbec (Argentina) paired with a VIP Stuffed Mushrooms appetizer and Colorado Lamb Chops.

2009 Graffigna "G Series" Cabernet (Argentina) paired with a Cajun Filet Tips appetizer and the Station Square 26th Anniversary Charred Ribeye.

2008 Gabbiano Chianti Classico Riserva (Italy) paied with a Stuffed Hot Pepper Appetizer and Filet Tips Cacciatore

Additionally, there will be a small piece of Disoranno Cheesecake for all guests and special Disoranno after dinner drinks available. Disoranno is a popular premium Amaretto imported from Italy.

There are over fifty reservations for the event which begins at 6:30, but Station Square and Valley Vino have room for more.  If you want to join the fun you can call Station Square at (330) 759-8802 or emailing Valley Vino at />