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 I read posts that stated that Kelly needs to change or adapt his style. I must say this, A trainer should NEVER change a boxers style but do all in his power to make the boxer's style, whatever it may be.., the best he can for the boxer. Instead, what Pavlik's trainer should of worked on was how Kelly should approach (learn)and how to deal with other styles.

Far to often in this sport trainers believe they know all there is to know about boxing and refuse to try and get better. Somehow they seem to forget that that boxing is often refered to as the SWEET SCIENCE. Well not me, That's why I believe that I am among one of if not the best coaches in our great State of Ohio. Now I know Jack will be upset and claim me as a hot head and cuss me up n down. I'm not calling for Jack's release from Pavlik's camp. I know there's a special bond between them and Jack has given his all to Kelly I'm sure. If I was Jack I would bring in a techique coach to help prepare Kelly. I am offering my services in that regard. I will without dought prove that the science of training one to fight is very powerful. Kelly Pavlik will then prove how he can come back and defeat Martinez. So I will give the readers of this blog a few secrets on what needs to be worked on when training to fight a guy like Martinez. First we all know that Martinez's style is that of a runner! We also know that Martinez is a Southpaw! Now let talk science.

"The Runner will be a boxer who likes to use his Jab as a dominant punch
(watch the fight,it caused Pavlik all kinds of problems the entire fight).

The runner will follow up his jab with a lot of straight power punches.

He will move to his Left 95% of the time, unless he is a SOUTHPAW in which case he will move to his RIGHT(again watch the fight).

The runner will rely on his quickest to avoid getting hit. He will do (avoid punches) so by moving in fast and then move out of range just as fast.

The Runner will fade (move to his left, RIGHT if a S.Paw) a lot as he moves out of range after punching (As seen many times throughout the fight)

The Runner will look to tie up his opponent when trapped up against the ropes or when in the corners.

What Kelly needed to do was he needed be able to do make the Runner move to his Right (LEFT if S.Paw)

Kelly should of worked on bumping Left. He needed to know how bump to his Lt. with and without use of his rhythms. Kelly also needed to learn what I like to refer to as the boggying (a type of movement which deals with runners (see Smokin Joe fight clips)

When boggying Kelly should have be schooled and have the ability to punch off of the 2nd and 3rd steps when boggying. Please do not punch at the runner on the 1st step.

Martinez being a Southpaw SHOULD OF TOLD JACK that Kelly needed to keep his right (Lead Lt.hand up and out if facing a SOUTHPAW) hand up and higher than normal at all times and my GOODNESS Kelly needs to learn and use many more techniques like how to use Feints, Draws, Tells, and Counter Punching. All your great Champions were also great counter punchers.

He could of worked his Lt. Hook off of Martinez's head to death as well as pounded Martinez with Straight Power shots. Lag Hand punches as counters to Southpaw Jabs off of Bump moves to the Left would of been there for the easy taking by Pavlik.

By using Feints on the Runner with your head and shoulders would of enabled Pavlik to use a series of easy angle steps off of his BUMP moves This also opens the doors to hit the runner with lag punches to the BODY of the Southpaw thus slowing the runner down and enabling you to follow up with combinations as the Runner must turn and find you.

Jack did say one thing that Kelly needed to do and that was to throw more punches to Martinez's body. Jack should of been more specific by telling Kelly to throw many,many more(straight power shots) to the Martinez's chest. This will get the Runner moving to his right (LEFT. if S.Paw).

Then of course Kelly needed to slip jabs with his inside shoulder since Martinez is a Southpaw and counter with LAG RIGHT HANDS, OVERHAND POWERS, STRAIGHT POWERS and LEFT HOOKS

This of course sets Kelly up to  BOBBED and WEAVED or to BUMP& PULL back into the chest of Martinez where Kelly could of unleash LEFT UPPERCUTS AND POWER SHOTS to the body in combinations! (like a mutherfu**er).

I have no choice but to say the Pavlik was poorly prepared for this fight. His trainer should of sought advice, seeked opinions from true students of the game. I am a student of coaching the Sweet Science and I hope I get the chance to work with Kelly's crew and him.
I am Coach RuffEnoughSmith
20.04.10 @ 13:50:14

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