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Issue 3...Casino

Can you believe Jeff Jacobs? He tried to partner with Dan Gilbert and wanted a sweet heart deal. When they couldn’t reach an agreement he told them if it is not his way he will spend millions to defeat the bill. Not only is he spending millions but he is spreading lies and is worse than a School boy Bully. Here is a guy that owns numerous casinos around the neighbor states telling everyone that casinos ruin families create gambling addicts, drug addiction and promote prostitution. Jeff do you think we are all really that stupid? This is only going to happen in Ohio and not at your casinos? While I would have liked Youngstown to have a casino, I am not going to cut my nose to spite my face. I am voting “Yes” and when the issue passes and they build a casino in Cleveland, I will visit Cleveland and not go anywhere else. At least the tax dollars will end up in OHIO and back in the Valley. Sorry Jeffery, you big bully, we are not that stupid and you should be taken out back and spanked. Vote YES on issue 3