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by MVBRB - "Burger Guyz"   | 124 entries


Sometimes it can be a difficult task ranking burgers, especially when so many of them are awesome! In the past nine years, we have ranked all of the burgers we've tried, that you, our readers have recommended to us. We've been to close to 100 Mahoning Valley restaurants, bar & grills, taverns, pubs and diners. Our rankings are based mostly on our visit but other factors, such as, comments from the public endorsing or criticizing, awards from any competitions, media awards, etc., are considered. We do try to keep up with everything, but, occasionally we miss a closing or an award, so any assistance you can give us is much appreciated! We have overall rankings that will be published soon, but we also broke them down by county. Click on the below link to see the current top 5 ranked burgers in Trumbull County. Let us know how we did, or if we missed your favorite, so we can get them on the list!

Top 5 Trumbull County Burgers



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