Sympathy for the Devils


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by Louie b. Free   | 349 entries

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Be it, what I call, 'news-r-tainment' or no-z(non-news), much of the media's great at filling us up with junk-'news'. We get filled up, like eating junk-food, but , as junk-food fails to nourish our bodies, the junk-news fails to inform us, to nourish our minds. Recently, with OUR wars killing , maiming, physically AND mentally, this nation's children , most of the media was spending hundreds of hours telling us how much we don't know about the missing Malaysian plane, or, that America may well be harbouring a wealthy bigot.
What was VERY troubling to me, last week in the media, was the attempt to elicit sympathy for a 'devil'.
Folks, I am not a death penalty proponent.  Over 40 years ago, I drove a Volks-station-wagon with a bumper sticker: 'Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?'.
Media sources around the world carried the story of clayton lockett's "botched execution". President Obama weighed in, saying the execution was "... "deeply troubling" (whatever that means).
What's absent, is why locket was executed. Last week, I went into the painful details on the show.. Stephanie Neiman was terrorized,  brutalized,  shot and buried alive, all the while, begging for her life. In the victim impact statement,  Stephanie's mom said(in part)  “We go through the motions of living...we exist...Every day we are left with the horrific images of what the last hours of Stephanie’s life was like. Did she cry out for us to help her? “We were left with the deafening silence of the lack of life ...there is no more Stephanie...There is no more future...What is left is a grave...emptiness...a void that can't be filled...what is left to do?...A jury decided clayton locket's fate and we believe it's time for justice to finally be carried out."
~Louie b.

Oh, after locket's "botched execution", the scheduled execution of charles frederick warner was "postponed" . Before you fear for warner having a similar "botched execution" that even the president  might find "deeply troubling", warner was convicted of raping and murdering his live-in girlfriend's 11-month-old baby in 1997.
  In conducting the subsequent autopsy, the medical examiner Dr. Choi, determined the cause of death to be multiple injuries to the victim's head, chest, and abdomen. She determined the manner of death to be a homicide. Dr. Choi testified the victim suffered a crushing type injury to her head and internal injuries to her brain.  The victim's jaw and three ribs were fractured, her liver was lacerated, and her spleen and lungs were bruised.  There were bruises on the victim's chest the size of adult fingertips.  She also observed retinal hemorrhages in the victim's eyes, which she testified were consistent with the victim being violently shaken. Additionally, Dr. Choi observed six different tears around the victim's rectum, which she testified were consistent with blunt force penetration.  Dr. Choi also testified that upon receiving her injuries, the victim would not have been able to eat, drink or play.
Sympathy for the devil????

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