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I had another topic in mind for my blog, but then I was contacted to
announce and post  ANOTHER "Missing Dog" alert.
I really don't know what to make of ALL the LOST/MISSING/FOUND dog alerts.
My four-legged family members have all been, just that - FAMILY
members. Therefore, I think about these alerts as I do alerts for
missing children.
Generally, I believe, there is something VERY wrong when a child goes missing. The child was
abducted or not well parented, and with older kids, sometimes they
escape from abuse. I'm NOT saying that there isn't the RARE case that
doesn't fit in the aforementioned ,but, I believe they are RARE,
So, what of all these 'missing/lost/found' dogs?
Often, the information is accompanied with a story of how the family
is missing their beloved. Now, again, please don't misunderstand, I DO
understand that dogs CAN 'get away', as can kids, but, I believe that
is VERY RARE with proactive parenting.
My point, well, points are these :  I'm not sure that found dogs
should quickly be reunited with their 'family'. I'd like to know what
that 'family' did to 'lose' their dog and what they're putting in
place to assure it not happening, again.
Dogs 'found', I don't believe, should be 'reunited'. If someone isn't
searching,REALLY searching for their family member, best efforts
should be made to HOME them, not re-home, as they weren't at home,
maybe housed, but not at HOME.
Obviously, with our societal decline,lack of compassion and love by SO
many, getting the message of spay and neuter is still a tough one. The
message that having a 'tough' dog enhances masculinity with males and
some females seems to be an easier 'sell'.
The extremes, once again, those of us who feel pain all too deeply,
and those who get pleasure by inflicting pain, or, don't feel at all.
Again, I'm mystified by the numbers of lost/found dogs, and it doesn't
end with dogs...as I'm writing this, I get a request " Louie, can you
find it in your heart to love one more rabbit...?" ...and I wonder,
why someone else's heart went cold...years ago, I could say, 'you
wouldn't give up a child after having her for years, now, I would fear
the answer.

post script:

 I was involved in a search, a few years ago, for
a dog who's family was distraught. The family came in-studio with me,
and could not stop  crying....until their doggie was found! A joyous
reunion,AND, steps taken to assure that will NEVER happen AGAIN

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